Lambing Season - Addfield SB Incinerator

Lambing Season

Addfield understands that lambing is the main harvest for the hill farmer, usually generating two-thirds of annual income, so we make sure our machines are a worthy investment by assuring farmer’s that they are receiving the highest quality incineration machinery.

Clients overview

As a farmer, deciding when the lambing season will entirely depend on your knowledge of the land and the market you are working in. It is common knowledge that good supervision and adequate shelter is vital, whether a farmer decides to lamb indoors or out is entirely up to how they weigh out the pros and cons. It is also important to note that adequate grazing and an ample supply of the mother’s milk are fundamental to a lamb’s survival; mother’s milk is the only protection a lamb has from hypothermia.

An incinerator is needed

Lambs had been arriving earlier than expected in 2015 with reports of unusual birthing patterns and survival chances reduced. This was likely to be a result of the mild winter across the UK which had caused confusion amongst the sheep who have adopted a seasonal breeding pattern.

Reasons for lamb mortality include rejection, predation, exposure, starvation, trauma in birth process, low lamb vigour, infectious disease and functional disorders

Mini Plus for lambing season

Advantages of using Addfield Incinerators

The Benefits of an Addfield Incineration Unit include:

  • EfW – Energy from Waste
  • Volume of what is being incinerated is dramatically reduced
  • Odour and smoke free when using an Addfield machine
  • Requires minimum land
  • Reduced greenhouse emissions compared to other disposal methods
mini incinerator cut out

Fitting into the plan

Production has increased by 3% between 2013 and 2014 so a rise in carcass disposal is inevitable. An Addfield incineration machine will pay for itself over a short period of time and also offers all farmers an increase in bio-security.

Which incinerator?

About the Addfield Mini and Mini Plus

  • Incinerator
  • Specially designed for the incineration of livestock
  • 350kg / 500kg capacity
  • Up to 50kg / hr burn rate
  • Ideal for: poultry, sheep, bacon pigs, wild boar and goats if managing a various livestock farm
  • Top loading – clean and easy loading with no leak points
  • Utilises fats and calorific value of the animal to burn the waste in the incinerator
  • Fuel options: Diesel, LPG, Natural Gas and Bio Fuel
  • Brick lined refractory and high heat retention as standard
Mini AB Cut Out

The importance of incineration

Incineration is a bio secure alternative to burying the carcasses which also means that the owners of the lambs are not breaking any laws by transporting them to other areas. This is vital in preventing the transmission of infectious diseases which is significantly increased when external disposal companies are visiting several farms.