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Animal incinerators

Welcome to the Agricultural range of Animal incinerators available from Addfield.  The global leaders in incineration with over 35 years experience designing and manufacturing solutions for all solid waste management needs. We are able to provide you with the greatest options to treat your agricultural and farm waste effectively and economically.

Genuine experts in the industry. We have a full range of incinerators for sale. Built to support people like you, to safely dispose of all general and hazardous waste. Providing incineration solutions to safely dispose of your fallen stock and any other by-products created as part of running your farm.  Regardless of whether you only need a small Poultry incinerator or multiple high capacity Cattle incinerators, you will always receive the highest quality service possible at every stage of your purchase and post purchase from our experts in the UK and Internationally.

To ensure that you have the best incinerator to maintain your farm safety we will work closely with you to match the right farm incinerators to your business requirements.

Managing your own livestock incineration brings with it many financial, environmental and biosecurity benefits. Incineration is one of the only waste disposal methods that you can sustainably manage agricultural waste with on your own land.

With an Addfield incinerator you can dispose of your fallen stock rapidly and control access to your grounds. This allows you to maintain your biosecurity reducing the risks from diseases including: Avian Flu, Newcastle Disease, Foot and Mouth, Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (a.k.a Mad Cow Disease) and Coccidiosis.

An incinerator is gradually becoming an essential piece of farm machinery. Effortlessly installed within existing barns and other farm buildings.  Addfield agricultural incinerators are built to last in even the most demanding and extreme environments. This is why they are installed on farms worldwide from the Scottish Highlands to Middle Eastern deserts, Addfield is Simply built better.

If you want to know what the best incinerator for a farm is you only need to look at an Addfield.

The Addfield range of agricultural incinerators are all DEFRA approved, comply with EU Animal By-Products Regulation, (EC) No 142/2011 and pass international standards.

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Mini AB - Poultry Incinerator

Mini AB (250Kg)

Animal Incineration

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Mini Agricultural Incineration Machine - Addfield

Mini (350Kg)

Animal Incineration

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Mini Plus - Lamb Incinerator

Mini Plus (500Kg)

Animal Incineration

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Addfield SB - Pig Incinerator

SB (750Kg)

Animal Incineration

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Addfield TB - Cow Incinerator

TB (1300Kg)

Animal Incineration

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TB-AB - Cattle Incinerator

TB-AB (2000Kg)

Animal Incineration

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