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The A500 is a High Capacity 500kg/hr animal disposal machine.

A robust, reliable and highly effective 500kg/hr animal-pathological incineration machine. This machine is available in two variants:

  • Variant #1 is a high capacity 500kg/hr animal disposal machine (A500)
  • Variant #2 is a high capacity 500kg/hr animal and pathological disposal machine. (A500)

The animal variant (A500) is a front loading machine, that is equipped with a with a chamber size of 13.61m3, and an incineration thermal capacity of 1,112,500Kcal/hr.

Suitable for animal-by-product disposal, the A500 (animal) disposal machine is ideal for hatcheries, broiler facilities, abattoirs and slaughterhouses.

The A500 (animal-pathological variant) incinerator boasts additional features including:

  • A bin tipper for any waste contained in wheelie bin.
  • An increase refractory rating to deal with higher compliance temperate.
  • A secondary after-chamber operating at 1100C.

Both variations are compatible with an optional ram feeding system and off-gas options.

One of the most effective, high capacity incineration machines, sold worldwide.

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