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The Addfield Hydraulic Lift Table is the ideal accessory for every Pet Crematoria for the safe and easy loading of pets.

Capable of operating while loaded with any size domestic pets, the Addfield Hydraulic Lift Table is the ideal accessory to complement all of our Pet Cremation machines for the loading of the pets.

The hydraulic table is ergonomically friendly, which allows the operator to safely manoeuvre the pet from the chapel of rest to the cremator, limiting the risks from manual handling.

The fully operational and hydraulic lift table is an essential accessory for the pet cremation process. The hydraulic lift table, is the quintessential, additional accessory for the safe loading of pets up to the size of a large dog.

The hydraulic lift table offers both users ease of loading and also reduced the risks of operating near an open chamber.

“The system compliments all the new and existing pet cremation businesses”

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