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Exceptional Build Quality

Our Incinerators are crafted On-site in Britain

Incineration Machines Manufactured in Great Britain

Energy Recovery

Our ATTS (Advanced Thermal Treatment Solutions) and CHP (Combined Heat and Power) energy recovery systems are at the fore front of modern technological breakthrough.

Addfield have a continual re-investment policy into research and development when offering innovative solutions for both waste and power. Our waste to energy systems allow the user to be more efficient with managing the waste at the source whilst generating thermal and electrical power from the waste which typically would of been sent to landfill.

The systems that we supply can be stand alone or fully modular for future expansion, return on investment can be less than 12 months dependant on the waste stream being treated. All of our systems can be retrofitted onto most of our equipment whether it be batch loaded or a continuous system.

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Hot water and steam generator

Hot Water and Steam Generation Boilers

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Addfield Full WtE Energy Recovery Unit

Thermal & Electrical Energy Recovery

20kWe to 240kWe Generation Unit

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Thermal Energy Recovery Incineration Machine

Thermal Energy Recovery

71Kw Thermal Exchanger Unit

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