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Waste heat recovery for clean energy

Convert the heat generated through your incineration process into clean sustainable energy with the addition of a Waste To Energy unit.

Through the inclusion of a water tube boiler, the heat generated as a direct result of your incineration can be easily and safely converted either into electrical energy or heating.

Electrical energy generation

Electrical energy can be generated from the boiler by creating high pressured steam. This steam is then used to power a compact generator. In most situations this approach could provide you with enough energy to effectively operate your entire facility, dramatically reducing your costs of operation.

Steam Generation

Using the same principals of converting the heat generated from the incinerator into steam. Instead of this steam being used to power compact electrical turbines, the steam can be used for cleaning. This is commonly employed by mid-sized hospital installations and is used for sterilising and cleaning waste bins.

Hot water generation

Alternatively the heat from the incinerator can be used to generate clean hot water. Hot water generated this way is widely used in central heating systems to provide heat to the main facility and neighbouring buildings.

Waste to energy boilers

We carefully select boilers that have been specifically developed for maximum efficiency and to work in harmony with your thermal treatment plants. Available in a variety of single, double and triple pass varieties to provide maximum flexibility. They are supplied with all necessary fittings and valves for safe operation.

Additionally, the waste heat recovery boilers can also be provided with associated hot well, blowdowns and condensers where appropriate.

All of the boilers are built for safety, longevity and efficiency of use. They are CE marked to the following directives:

  • Pressure Equipment Directive
  • Low Voltage Directive
  • Electro-Magnetic Compliance Directive
  • Machinery Safety Directive

Find out how our clinical waste incinerators generate provides heat to a local hospitals heating network here.

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