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The Addfield G250 Incinerator. General Municipal Incinerator – 250kg/hr

The high capacity ‘G’ range is a modern stepped hearth incinerator designed to burn solid waste in a clean and environmentally safe manner.

Using the Pyrolytic principles of combustion, it is particularly suited for burning general municipal waste.

The G250 machine is designed with a stepped hearth refractory. A principle that is best suited for high capacity installations that require a burn rate of 250kg/hr and a thermal input of 1,000,000 Kcal/hr.

This range of machines is compatible with the Addfield automatic bin tipper and auto-loading facility. Automatic de-ashing options are also available.

Typical Waste Types:

  • General Municipal.
  • Camp Waste.
  • Food Process Plants.
  • Oil Sites.
  • Military Installations.

High Capacity Incinerator on an Island Case Study

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