High capacity incinerators.

Designed to meet your demanding waste disposal needs.

Addfield Incineration Machines - Manufactured in the UK

High Capacity Incinerators

Addfield produce a number of high capacity incineration systems with a range of burn rates from 150-1200kg/hr. We have considerable experience in high capacity incineration spanning many varied industries around the world. Addfield high capacity incineration systems offer automatic options for loading, de-ashing, filtration and monitoring.

The systems we supply include rotary, static hearth, ram and screw fed systems all with the capacity to treat and destroy the specified waste 100%.

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Addfield C200 - Medical Waste Incinerator

C200 (200Kg)

Medical Waste Incinerator

200 capacity at 200kg/hr

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C300 - Clinical Waste Incinerator

C300 (300Kg)

Medial Waste Incinerator

300 capacity at 300kg/hr

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C500 - Pharmaceutical Waste Incinerator

C500 (500Kg)

Medial Waste Incinerator

500 capacity at 500kg/hr

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C1000 - Biological Waste Incinerator

C1000 (1000Kg)

Medial Waste Incinerator

1000 capacity at 1000kg/hr

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Addfield - GM2000 Medical Waste Incineration Machine

GM2000/HB (2000Kg)

Large Medical Waste Incinerator

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Addfield TB-AB-MAX Animal Waste Incinerator

TB-AB-MAX (500Kg)

Animal Incinerator

500 capacity at 500kg/hr

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Addfield RAPID1000 - Large Scale Incinerator


Quick Response Incinerator

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disease outbreak, disposal of waste

Rapid1000 Mobile (5500Kg)

Quick Response High Capacity Incinerator

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Addfield R1200 - Rotary Furnace Incinerator

R1200 (1200Kg)

Rotary Incinerator

1200 capacity at 1200kg/hr

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200kg - Ap200 - Animal Incinerator

AP200 – A200 (200Kg)

200 capacity at 200kg/hr

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AP400 - Addfield Pathological Waste Incinerator

AP400 – A400 (400Kg)

400 capacity at 400kg/hr

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High Capacity Animal Waste Incinerator - AP500

AP500 – A500 (500Kg)

500 capacity at 500kg/hr

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High Capacity G250 Self Contained Incinerator

G250 (250Kg)

250 capacity at 250kg/hr

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Addfield G350 - Solid Waste Incinerator

G350 (350Kg)

350 capacity at 350kg/hr

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General Municipal Incinerator - G500

G500 (500Kg)

500 capacity at 500kg/hr

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