Opportunities in horse cremation

Pet Crematoriums Best Kept Secret


Your opportunities in Horse Cremation

Equine Cremation, pet crematoriums best kept secret.

Here at Addfield, we have supported dozens of successful pet cremation businesses to launch and grow over the years. Most commonly installing our PET200 or A50 IC 1 household pet cremators. However, occasionally we will install something a little larger the TB AB Equine.
Not as widely discussed as household pet cremation due to the misconception of its demand however in recent years and with the change of regulations across many horse-owning countries, the demand for something larger has grown considerably.

In no small part, simply due to the size of the animals but also to do with how they are considered amongst different communities. To some, a horse is a work animal, the same as cattle to others, a beloved pet, the same as your cat and dog would be. This is where the regulations can become a little muddied. In most countries, working horses cannot be buried, whereas Pet Horses can, for now, assuming you have the space.

Once again, the benefit of cremation comes in as even the smallest of gardens could provide big enough for the average household pet if the owner chose that option; however, having the ability to move and bury a horse on your own land is not likely to be available for most.

The majority of horse owners keep their horses on other people’s land or in privately owned stables renting the space. Once their horse has passed it may not be a location that they will return to and is not likely one that will want to become a horse graveyard.

The market is currently untapped, and the potential is great. Globally the number of horses owned as pets is phenomenal, with the USA leading having 1,600,000 million households owning (7,250,000) horses compared to 374,000 (847,000 horses) in the UK. Followed by personal horse ownership in the millions across Mexico, Brazil, China, Argentina, Australia and New Zealand.

Although not widely publicised, the opportunity for a full-service Equine Crematorium to provide collection and return of ashes is potentially the next stage in the global growth of pet cremation as a business.

Horse Cremation is a side of Pet cremation that not everyone will be able to fulfil however, if you have the land and the opportunity, it can be incredibly rewarding.

At first appearance, horse cremation could appear to be more complicated than traditional pet cremation however it really is very similar. Agreed, the size of the animal is going to be closer to 500kg than your average 15kg dog. The process will still be the same.

Instead of a lifting table, you can choose a winch system or forklift truck to load the horse. The TB AB Equine is a top-loading individual cremator with reinforced heat and impact-resistant loading zones. Its loading chamber is more than 4m3 and capable of holding even the largest of horses without additional processing.

Once in operation, the TB AB Equine will run in the background for the day, before cooling overnight, ready for deashing the next day. The ashes, once removed, can be loaded into our special equine cremulator for final preparation before returning to the owners.

A very similar process to our traditional pet cremation. One of the most significant differences is income generation. Based on our customer feedback, we understand that the average cost of a pet cremation in the UK is generally between £150 -£200, depending upon location. The fee for a horse is consistently around the £1000 figure. Combining low operational costs and high-profit margins, the return on investment on a TB AB Equine can be very quick, and as they are built to the same standard as our traditional agricultural range, they come with an expected life expectancy of over 20 years with regular servicing.

We keep in touch with our customers and hear many stories the most incredible that we have heard yet is from one of our customers based just a few miles from a local Zoo, while we never intended for the machine to cremate a full-grown adult Rhino, in this instance it was the only option available. The machine was once described by one customer as being built like a tank that cremated the closest animal to a tank.

As with all pet crematoriums, having a strong business plan at the start is essential. If you have any questions about setting up an equine crematorium in your region, we have a team of experts available to help guide you through your regulations, expectations and opportunities to begin what could be a very lucrative next business venture.

You can see our TB AB Equine horse cremator here – https://addfield.com/machines/double-equine-crematorium-machine-tb-ab/

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