High quality Mobile incineration solutions.

Rapid response incineration that you can transport to where it is needed most.

Addfield Incineration Machines - Manufactured in the UK

Mobile Incinerators

Addfield offer bespoke mobile mounted incinerator solutions suitable for rapid deployment to areas with sudden outbreaks of human or animal diseases or mass waste problems.

Mobile incineration enables the waste to be destroyed in an effective, fast and safe bio-secure environment at source ensuring increased bio-security. Our range of high capacity mobile incinerators are perfectly placed to suit any such unfortunate situation. Call our specialists now for an immediate response +44 (0)1543 571280.

The Addfield range of mobile incinerators are purpose built using only the highest quality materials for fast efficient deployment in demanding environments.

A trusted partner to worldwide aid organisations such as UNICEF, Red Cross and the UN. We continue to assist our customers with mobile and onsite incineration for emergency and disaster relief on a global scale.

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Small Medical Incinerator Labmaster 25

Labmaster 25 (10Kg)

Light Weight, Small Incinerator Unit

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disease outbreak, disposal of waste

Rapid1000 Mobile (5500Kg)

Quick Response High Capacity Incinerator

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Addfield Small Trailer Mounted Incinerator

Small Trailer Mounted Incinerator

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Addfield Large Trailer Mounted Incinerator

Large Trailer Mounted Incinerators

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Addfield Containerised Incinerator Range


Shipping container incinerator installation

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Addfield Skid Mounted Incinerator

Skid Mounted

20ft heavy duty skid installations

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AES100 2SEC Light Weight Incinerator

AES100 (2SEC) (100Kg)

Light weight machine, 2 second retention time.

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