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C100 High capacity clinical waste incinerator.

The C100 incinerator is the most compact, high capacity, medical waste disposal solution manufactured by Addfield in the ‘C’ range.  Designed to burn solid waste in a clean and environmentally safe manner.

Manufactured along with an optimised cylindrical primary combustion chamber design, the C100 is perfect for continuous waste loading, benefitting from a simple incineration process. After each incineration, ash residue can be safely removed from the chamber and the cycle can be restarted.

The C100 model has been specifically designed for burning clinical waste from hospitals and research centres at a rate of up to 100kg/hr. The machine is equipped with the necessary control systems, a primary chamber and secondary after chamber with a two-second residue time.

For a more user-friendly and automated waste loading and incineration process, the C100 also offers a variety of additional machinery to increase productivity and reduce manual loading times. The optional features include a bin tipper and ram charge loader.

Manufactured in Britain, to an extremely high standard, the machine uses heavy gauge steelwork and a multi-layered brick-lined refractory for maximum efficiency.




3 m³

Loading Chambers Size

3m x 1.17m Ø

Loading Method


Gas Retention Time

2 Seconds

Fuel Options

Diesel, LPG, Natural Gas, Bio Fuel

Afterburn Complies with EU Legislation


CE Certified


  • British Designed.
    British Built.
  • World leaders in
    incineration technology.
  • Unrivalled build quality
    & machine longevity.
  • Distributed to more
    than 100 countries.
  • Environmentally
  • Trusted partner with
    35 years experience.