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For the last 30 years the Addfield range of pet cremators have been the choice for Pet Cremation Companies around the world. The Addfield range of cremator machines are built with care to stringent quality standards by time served craftsmen.

Addfield cremators are designed to suit all types of pet cremation companies, from single chamber batch loaded to multi chamber continuous process machines. When investing into new Pet Crematoria look no further than Addfield, we welcome visitors to our factory to see our craftsmen at work.

The Addfield Range of cremators all have DEFRA approval and comply with the EU Animal By-Products Regulation (EC) No 1069/2009.

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Hydraulic Lift Table Cut Out

Hydraulic Lift Table (150Kg)

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Addfield PET100 Domestic Animal Cremation Machine


Animal Cremation

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PET200 - Pet Cremation Machine - Addfield


Animal Cremation

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A50-IC - High Capacity Crematorium


Animal Cremation

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Multi Chamber Pet Crematoriums

Bespoke Multi Chamber Pet Cremator

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Addfield Domestic Pet Cremulator

Pet Cremulator

Ash Processing Cremulator

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Addfield TB - Single Equine Crematorium

TB Single Equine Cremator

Single Horse Cremator

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TBAB Double Equine Crematorium (2000kg)

TB-AB Double Equine Cremator

Double Horse Cremator

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Equine Cremulator

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