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A50L Bulk Pet Cremator

The A50L provides highly optimised solutions for securely managing bulk pet cremations enabling the processing of several multiple pet cremations in a day.

Specifically developed to meet the demands of larger pet cremation providers. There currently are no other dedicated Pet Cremation machines available that are capable of the same level of productivity as the A50L.

Constructed with an advanced three-layered refractory. Keeping the heat inside the incinerator allowing a more comfortable operation while drastically reducing your operating costs by up to 40%.

Having a simple to use control panel delivering quick access to key functions. With a safe start and stop function and electronic fan-assisted heat management all accessible from one central location.

The A50L range is regularly installed in growing and established pet crematorium due to its compact and efficient operation.  Also trusted by research centres, kennels, and animal rescue facilities equipped with the necessary sophistication of control and designed to cremate pets and small/medium animal carcasses in a safe, clean and environmentally friendly manner.

The A50L machine is equipped as standard with an easy to use touch screen PLC controller, allowing for a full manual configuration of machine settings should you wish.

This system incorporates high-low burn cycles and a data logging facility to monitor the machine’s performance.

Equally, if the users wishes to deviate from the touch screen they can simply press the ‘Start’ button, the machines fully automatic cycle will begin.

Once this cycle has started, the machine needs little if any human intervention, the operator can leave the machine unattended to completion and the subsequent cooldown process safely finalises.

The machine is fitted with integrated excess air and a rapid cooling system that forms two functions.

The first is to aid the burning process by injecting additional combustion air to supplement the cremation process, reduce fuel and increase burn times.

The second is to safely and rapidly cool the refractory wall after a cycle completion this increases turnaround times dramatically.

Addfield machines are independently proven to save 40% on fuel, compared with other manufacturers, saving you money on every cremation and increasing profitability.

The A50L is a low capacity incinerator which burns less than 50kg per hour (Higher burn rates also available please ask).

Why is the A50L cremation machine right for you?

Biggest in the low capacity range.

Cremation of multiple pets at once.

Fast, efficient, clean pet cremation.

EU compliant.

Robust thick steel construction up to 10mm.

Thick, fuel-efficient refractory lining.

Three layers of insulation.

Reliable brick-lined refractory.

Aftercare support

Bulk Pet Cremator Case Study

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