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Medical Incinerators

Addfield Medical Waste incinerators are utilised worldwide on six different continents by private hospitals, government primary health care services, medical waste management companies and by the vast majority of the world’s largest aid agencies globally. Our general range is split into two defined sectors. The MP range is ideally suited to be installed directly into hospitals, laboratories and care practices. The large format GM range is ideally suited to the bulk disposal waste management companies and emergency use.

All of the Addfield medical incinerators have the option for continuous loading, filtration systems and continuous monitoring
For larger scale incineration disposal please visit our high capacity range. Speak to the experts today.

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Medical Waste Incinerator Addfield MP-100

MP100 (100Kg)

Medical Waste Incinerator

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Laboratory Waste Incineration Machine Addfield MP-200

MP200 (200Kg)

Laboratory Waste Incinerator

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Hazardous Waste Incineration Equipment Addfield MP-300

MP300 (300Kg)

Hazardous Waste Incinerator

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Hospital Waste Incinerator Machine Addfield MP-400

MP400 (400Kg)

Large hospital incinerator

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Pathological waste disposal incinerator

MP500 (500Kg)

Pathological Waste Incinerator

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Sharp waste disposal incinerator

GM250 (250Kg)

Sharps Waste Incinerator

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Bulk waste disposal incinerator

GM350 (350Kg)

Veterinary Waste Incinerator

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Clinical waste disposal incinerator GM500

GM500 (500Kg)

Clinical Waste Incinerator

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Healthcare Waste Incinerator Machine Addfield GM750

GM750 (750Kg)

Healthcare Waste Incinerator

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Large Medical Waste Incinerator-GM1300

GM1300 (1300Kg)

Large Medical Waste Incinerator

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Large Medical Waste Incinerator-GM2000

GM2000 (2000Kg)

Large Medical Waste Incinerator

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