Meet David Our South American Engineer


Meet David Our South American Engineer

You can now find an Addfield incinerator up and running across more than 145 countries.

To ensure that we can support all of our customers, we have built a network of Addfield-trained and approved engineers.

One of our busiest engineers and one of the furthest away is David Lillo from Eco Burn, based in Chile and supporting many of our customers across South America.

We recently had the pleasure of welcoming David to our factory for a week’s refresher training. Updating David with our latest advances and machines. Before he flew back to Chile, we were able to catch up with him for a quick interview.

For all of us that don’t speak the best Spanish, we have had our resident international sales expert Eduardo provide us with a translation.

So, we will now pass you over to learn a little more about David and the work that he and the team at Eco Burn carry out for us in his own words.

“Hello, my name is David Lillo, and I am the engineer in charge of installations in Latin America. We have installed machines in Guyana, El Salvador, Guatemala, Ecuador, and soon to be Panama and Chile, where I work as an Addfield representative.

I have been working for Addfield since 2020, and the main reason for this was the commissioning of an incinerator that some friends and myself bought together. I was motivated to work with Addfield because of the environmental impact. I like the fact that they are environmentally friendly.

I think that from my experience, the biggest strength I have seen from Addfield is the quality construction of their machines. The technical support and, in this case, the training that is provided to the end customer so machines can be operated correctly.

I think the most memorable installation was working alongside ‘Doctors Without Borders’ in Venezuela, not only because of the installation but also seeing the impact that these incinerators have on the environment and the people that live in these communities.

The most important point is the quality in terms of the material that Addfield uses, which is far better than other manufacturers in South America.

I believe the future of Addfield working in South America is very promising since now ministries in all countries are implementing an environmentally friendly approach.

They are looking for more technologies that are smokeless and odourless, which Addfield brings.

The future of Eco Burn is we will continue to be the representatives and distributors for Addfield in Chile. We will continue servicing and commissioning all of the clients we have across Chile and South America.

And we will continue to support Addfield in Latin America and Chile.

We are planning to increase business with new crematoriums in the future as well as existing ones that are looking to expand into Equine cremation.

The support we offer for the installation of machines in Chile and Latin America is permanent by either telephone or video calls, I am always attentive regarding the time difference. I will answer all calls to answer questions and solve problems or concerns that can happen the first time people start using this technology.

Addfield is Simply Built Better.”

It was a pleasure to finally welcome David back to the UK and our factory and even better seeing all the successes he has had recently. If you are interested in seeing some more of David’s handy work, you can check out one of his case studies below.

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