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Aquaculture Incinerators


The Aquacultural range of waste incinerators from Addfield delivers highly efficient solutions for safely disposing of all forms of high moisture waste. Delivering the perfect solution for Fish Farms worldwide.

Addfield Aquaculture incinerators are unique in their design and construction. Purpose built to reliably destroy all of your solid and high moisture waste.

Advanced Design

The Aquacultural range benefits from specifically designed primary chambers. Designed to deliver maximum results when destroying high moisture waste.  Alongside an advanced construction benefiting from thickened steel and a multi-layered refractory provide massive operational cost saving of 40% due to increased thermal efficiency. Benefitting from a high quality two pack paint system giving increased durability even in harsh environments.

Our incinerators are installed in over 95 countries for many of the worlds leading farming organisations. We have a global network of highly skilled engineers able to install and maintain your aquacultural incinerator worldwide.

Biosecurity and your Fish Farm Waste Management

One of the greatest dangers to the modern fish farm is caused by sea lice, water born pests and general mortalities. Through ensuring that your waste is disposed of correctly provides one of the strongest defences to further contamination and loss of livestock, and the expense that this will incur.

Aquacultural waste is generally grouped into three categories for secure disposal depending upon associated environmental risks. An Addfield incinerator is suitable for safely disposing of all categories delivering advanced destruction of all waste.

The Addfield Difference

Throughout more that 35 years we have establish our reputation as one of the worlds leading suppliers of aquacultural waste management incinerators.  From only using high quality sustainably sourced steel and components to designing our machines specifically to suit your waste requirements to deliver the most reliable and consistent results possible.

The Addfield Range of Marine Waste Incinerators are all DEFRA approved and comply with the EU Animal By-Products Regulation (EC) No 1069/2009.

Addfield Environmental offer 12 months unlimited operating hour usage warranty. ISO 9001 and 14001 accredited ensuring quality throughout our service and business.

Addfield Machines are simply built better.

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