FUll Pet Cremator installation in chile A50 IC1

Exciting Opportunities In South America For Pet Crematorium

Pet Crematorium Takes Over Chile One City At A Time

It is clear now that Pet Cremation has become a global phenomenon. Providing a secure income to those entrepreneurs that have taken the leap into providing a service that is blossoming as an industry. As services now far exceed the simple pet cremation of the past. Service providers are investing in new ways to increase their revenue beyond purely providing a service to pet owners. As such more countries are opening up and welcoming Addfields pet cremators, such as the A50 IC 1, which in this instance, is the very first of its kind installed in South America.

Crematorio Mascota Por Siempre (which translates to Forever Pet Crematorium) is a new crematorium in Chile based in the Peñalolén region. And is the venture of Mónica and her nephew Álvaro who both pride themselves on bringing this valuable new service straight into the heart of the city. Giving local residents much easier access to say goodbye to their beloved pets comfortably without having to travel far into the surrounding countryside to the previously established crematoriums.

Reflecting their strong confidence in the industry, Crematorio Mascota Por Siempre (MPS)chose to begin with the A50 IC 1 rather than the PET 200 due to its ability to process more than double the number of pets as the PET 200. Having an average throughput of up to 15 pets per day, the A50 IC 1 has gradually become one of our main machines for new crematoriums established across Europe and, in this case, was the first of its kind to be installed in South America.

Although seven and a half thousand miles separated us and several more local manufacturers do exist for MPS, they knew what they wanted when looking for a reliable pet cremator, and the Addfield brand and reputation has travelled far. After reviewing several suppliers, it was clear that our experience in the industry was second to none, and the quality of our machines spoke for itself. Clean cremation without any smoke or odours was essential as the premises that the machine was to be installed in was in the middle of a built-up residential and business district surrounded by offices.

We have several similar installations in the UK positioning crematoriums very close to public spaces and seeing them operate fully inconspicuously without causing any inconvenience for neighbouring businesses or passers-by, making us the ideal choice to work with. That and the fact that we also have a very experienced distribution and installation team headed up by David Lillo, from Ecoburner our Latin American engineer supreme who personally manages most of our South American installations.

Before launching this venture, Monica was the head of a branch of the Chile credit union bank whilst Álvaro was a commercial manager in Peru. They choose pet cremation as an opportunity to become independent and start their own business and trusted Addfield to deliver the machine that will make that dream a reality.

Completed Pet Cremation Installation In Chile

MPS already have big plans to expand in the future, already they have branched out their service to not only work directly with bereaved pet owners they are also providing their cremation services to local ‘Virtual’ pet crematoriums.  “My brand as a virtual crematorium has been working with Mascota Por Siempre for six months now and the truth is that changing my crematorium was the best decision I have made, as they comply with all the protocols and deadlines, and I know that they carry out their work with a lot of love and respect.” Lina Palencia owner of Patita de Mascota virtual crematorium.

MPS have been in operation since early 2022 and within their first 6 months they already exceeded their initial expectations. Receiving rave reviews from their customers for the care and attention they are showing not only the pets but the owners as well operation the entire business from a place of compassion. We are confident that they are destined for success and are looking forward to supplying them with their next machines when they are ready to expand their business into other major cities. Reinvesting and expanding their reach further across Chile as they continue to build upon their reputation for delivering excellent service to the public and to businesses.