The Mini Addfield agricultural incinerator is an ideal solution for safely disposing of your small-scale agricultural waste, which can dispose of up to 350kg of agricultural waste and fallen livestock a day.

The Mini is a compact agricultural waste incinerator and is a very popular solution for the disposal of fallen livestock and animal waste on Sheep, Poultry farms and Abattoirs.

It is a top-loading agricultural waste incinerator. Commonly found installed on farms, abattoirs, food processing plants, kennels, and catteries. It is a perfect solution for the reliable disposal of all Category 1 and 3 waste streams.

A highly flexible solution the Mini has been developed to be extremely tough, reliable and efficient and can be found installed in even the harshest environments all around the world.

Addfield animal incinerators are designed to help you maintain site biosecurity by providing an onsite solution to disposing of fallen livestock securely and rapidly.

Reduce your disposal costs by managing it all onsite with a Mini.

Up to 40% more fuel-efficient than similar-sized competitor machines.

The Mini can be fuelled by Diesel, Gas, HVO Biofuel, Kerosene and a wide range of alternate fuels to ensure, clean, efficient and economical disposal of your waste.

The Mini is recommended for poultry farms up to 140,000 birds.

The Mini benefits from a 0.59m3 loading chamber capable of holding up to 350kg, which is equivalent to approximately 95 average-sized chickens, 1 sheep or 1 pig.

Quick to install and simple to operate using the included touch screen HMI interface. Complete with automatic datalogging as standard to ensure you can maintain required records easily.

Constructed with an advanced triple-layered refractory to keep the heat in the primary chamber where it is needed and keeping your fuel costs down.

The loading chamber benefits from having a reinforced concrete loading impact zone protecting the refractory whilst loading manually or via bin tipper or other machinery loading.

Environmentally responsible the Addfield range of incinerators are all type approved by Defra and comply with EU Animal By-Products Regulations (EC) No. 142/2011.

All Addfield incinerators incorporate a Secondary Chamber to clean all of the gasses created through the process of incineration.

Designed with a two-second retention time to match the waste being disposed of. Ensuring a smoke and odour-free operation, alongside ensuring biosecure disposal, removing hazardous particulates from re-entering the farming environment.

You can trust that every Addfield animal incinerator will meet all current emission standards.

Disease prevention and biosecurity are essential on any working farm, and choosing to invest in an Addfield Animal Incinerator protects your business and livestock.

Managing your own incineration process greatly increases your site biosecurity giving you more control of visitors alongside enabling a rapid response in time of need, such as outbreaks of Avian Influenza or Newcastle Disease, Foot and Mouth Disease.

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