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Poultry Incinerator Machines

Robust, Reliable Efficient Incineration Machines

Poultry Incinerator Machines

Addfield supply a wide range of poultry incineration machines for the disposal of fallen poultry stocks. Our machines are suitable for Chickens – Broilers and Hatcheries, Layers, Turkeys, Game, Gease and more.

Our thermal treatment machines, reduces waste to >3% ash. Poultry waste is thoroughly sterilised with 600-700 deg.C of heat. As such on farm incineration, is the only recognised bio secure method for managing waste on site effectively and cleanly.

All of our machines are in accordance with EU, and International legislation.

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Mini AB - Poultry Incinerator

Mini AB (250Kg)

Animal Incineration

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Chicken Incineration Machine - Mini

Mini (350Kg)

Animal Incineration

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Mini Plus - Lamb Incinerator

Mini Plus (500Kg)

Animal Incineration

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Addfield SB - Pig Incinerator

SB (750Kg)

Animal Incineration

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Quick Response Incinerator

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