Clinical Waste Incinerator C200

Private Approach To Medical Waste Disposal

Although we are almost 6,000 miles away, they were able to receive a service as if they were just down the road. One reason why we consistently succeed in supplying machines internationally is our commitment to communication. This project was managed by our leading international sales rep Eduardo Sierra Torres, originally from Colombia. A multilingual expert able to communicate natively in Spanish as well as understanding the geographic and economic differences across South America, allowed for an almost effortless sales experience for the customer.

During the decision-making process, Bolivar was taken on several virtual tours around the factory and was able to see similar machines in production including several MP500, C100 and C200 models in production, all with Venturi systems. Confident with what we had shown that Addfield were the right choice Bolivar placed his order for one of our most requested Clinical incinerators, the C200.

Due to the mixed medical content expected to be processed through the C200, additional filtration was required in the form of our Venturi Flue Gas Scrubber. These ensure that only clean glasses are released back into the environment. Medical waste comes in many forms, and once sorted, it is expected that a range of waste materials, including plastics, will be present. Due to the impact that burning plastic can have, the Venturi is a highly effective scrubbing system. Pulling the gasses through a series of chambers alongside integrating high-speed water jets and neutralising chemicals, any toxins, acids and furans are stripped from the gases, ensuring a final result which protects the community through meeting all environmental rules and regulations wherever it is located.