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Addfield Containerised Units are permanently housed in a modified 20ft high cube shipping container. With "a ready to go installation" and a simple process that requires only a single operator for minimal user interaction.

The container option offers the flexibility of easily transferring the incinerator to the desired location or emergency locality for immediate use, as well as being ideal for extra protection from the elements, vandalism and wildlife, the container unit has the added benefit of cover without the need for the machine to be housed inside a building.

Includes as standard:

  • Installation of extraction system. Exclusive to Addfield configurations.
  • Installation of chimney section with a protective weather proof membrane.
  • Installation of an electrical switchboard.
  • Relocation of control panel.
  • Additional bracing to the structure.
  • Fuel tank – inside the container behind a steel half wall.


Optional extras:

  • Four standard light tubes (electrical wiring in accordance with BS 7671 17TH Edition).
  • Durbar steel flooring (otherwise known as tread or chequer plate) – slip resistant, hard wearing and.designed to self-drain for easy cleaning.
  • Wheelie bin tipper system for simple loading.

Ideal for:

  • Inaccessible locations.
  • Remote Locations.
  • Extreme weather conditions.
  • Guaranteed mobility.
  • Ports – where they are likely to be used over long periods of time.

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