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The A200 High Capacity Incinerator 200kg/hr animal disposal machine.

This 200kg/hr machine is available in two variants, with multiple options:

  • Variant #1 is a high capacity 200kg/hr animal disposal machine (A200)
  • Variant #2 is a high capacity 200kg/hr animal and pathological disposal machine.

The animal variant (A200) is a front loading machine, equipped with a with a chamber size of 6.64m3, and an incineration thermal capacity of 445,000Kcal/h it is suitable for a wide range of animal waste type.

The loading door aperture measure 1.6m square. This allows for the loading of even the biggest of animals, such as dairy cows, bulls, horses and camels, it is however also suitable for the mass cremation of smaller animals.

Working on the Hot Hearth principle of combustion, this underfloor heating technique eliminates any potential cold spots underneath where the animal lies.

A unique void at the front of the machine allows for any mass of fluids generated from the process to run from the main chamber into a lower chamber and be burnt off in the hot hearth.

This intelligent routing fluid effective prevents any leak points from the loading door apertures commonly found in old machine technology. It also allows the machine to maintain a consistently high burn and effective burn rate.

The A200 (animal-pathological variant) incinerator boasts additional features including:

  • A bin tipper for any waste contained in wheelie bin.
  • An increase refractory rating to deal with higher compliance temperate.
  • A secondary after-chamber operating at 1100C.

Both variations are compatible with an optional ram feeding system and off-gas options.

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