Incineration solutions to suit all your solid waste requirements.

Additional Incineration Solutions

Bringing more than 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing incineration solutions to a diverse range of solid waste disposal has given us the ability to develop equipment suitable for every environment.

In addition to our traditional incineration ranges we have supplied specialised equipment to meet specific industry demands and requirements globally.

Developing machines which are built to last alongside being up to 40% more fuel efficient we are able to provide the full range of Addfield benefits to meet your industry requirements.

Delivering results that provide financial, environmental and operational benefits that have passed the tests of time is the reason why Addfield is the trusted partner to some of the world’s largest organisations.

Additional Solutions

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Filtration Systems

At Addfield we can provide a wide range of filtration systems suitable for various types of waste incineration systems.

Typically only required on ‘high capacity’ incineration plants but also installed onto smaller systems the Addfield Pollution Control Systems are capable of dealing with a range of emission parameters.

It is important to understand that any filtration system is only as good as the knowledge used to design and build it.

One solution will not fit all plants so serious consideration is required when taking into account chemicals, temperatures, flow rates, particulate sizes and the customers expectation.

That’s why at Addfield we work extremely closely with our clients to build a system that is right for their application, their waste stream and the resulting off-gas produced from it.

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Airport Incineration

Airline and airport waste cannot be disposed of by the same methods as other similar waste.  Due to the global nature of airlines each international region has its own set of regulations towards what can be safely brought into each country. Often required to be separated, bagged and sealed prior to being sent offsite.  A massive and unnecessary cost to the airports, which in turn gets passed on to the passengers.

As the leaders in international incineration solutions, we are experienced in providing the right machine and solution for safely disposing of all your organic and non-organic waste, designed and built to suit your industry needs exactly.

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Incinerator Parts and Spares

Our machines are designed to be easily maintainable with the majority of the consumables designed to be able to be changed without requiring a service engineer visit.

We have a full range of incinerator parts and spares available for all Addfield machines as well as most other common incineration brands.

Our trained engineers are often available to talk you through any activities alongside a bank of training resources available online.  If we do not have the part you are looking for online we should be able to source it for you.

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Cannabis disposal

Reliable disposal of Cannabis and Medical Marijuana waste is essential as the global industry continues to grow. Containing a range of psychoactive compounds including THC and CBD means that the waste must be disposed of in the same way as medicinal and pharmaceutical waste. Cannabis waste in all forms including plant, herbal, extractions and products are not allowed to be disposed of in the same way as general waste and as such reliable incineration is one of the safest and most efficient ways for disposing of all forms of marijuana waste.

Leading the development of medical and clinical waste incinerators has enabled us to design a range of machines specifically optimised for securely destroying all your cannabis waste.  Benefitting from advanced design and filtration options ensures that your machines will meet and exceed even the strictest regulations in your country of operation.

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Mining / Campsite Waste Disposal

Mining is an essential practice for extracting valuable minerals and fuels across the world. Often established in some very remote locations with minimal waste management infrastructure. Incineration can minimise the impact on the environment.

Although not all waste is harmful to the environment, this can become hazardous if improperly disposed of. Chemicals used in the excavation process often make natural waste such as water and rock residue toxic meaning that regular methods of disposal such as landfill are out of the question.

Incineration is a safe and sustainable method of removing waste that saves time and resources enabling natural resources to be returned into the environment.

From our experience no two projects are the same, which is why we are very proud of our highly flexible range of Camp and Mining incinerators which are currently installed at gold mines, oil camps and other remote locations.

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