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Our Story

Addfield is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of robust, reliable and efficient thermal treatment systems.

Addfield is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of robust, reliable and efficient thermal treatment systems. We design and build the best solutions to safely destroy solid waste through incineration.  The Addfield brand has been established for over 35 years operating in its current capacity for the last 10.  Our core principles are centred around delivering solutions that are built to last and fit for purpose. Our oldest machine, still in operation, is reaching its 25th year.

Addfield began in the 1980s by Richard Sherratt as a part of RS Agriparts, our original machines were primarily supplied to the agricultural industry, designed to securely dispose of fallen stock during a major outbreak of foot and mouth disease causing a crisis in the sheep farming industry. Building a reputation for high-quality agricultural waste incinerators throughout the 90s and 00s maintaining a stable output, becoming a trusted brand.

In 2008 current Managing Director, Steve Lloyd, saw the potential for the brand and the qualities it encapsulated.  The original machine had become known as ‘The Addfield’ due to its construction, being ‘built like a tank’ with thick gauge steel, recognised as a leading factor in the machine’s long-term reliability. Additionally, impressive was the efficiency of the design even at that stage compared to other manufacturers.  Having built his career in the refractory engineering industry, he knew he could take Addfield to the next step. Once he took over, the transformation began. Originally employing just three people in 2008, selling only in the UK, through to a business that now employs more than 50 people, with agents internationally supplying over 100 countries.

Although management has changed, core principles have remained. Every machine traces its roots back to the first ‘Addfield’ machine, constructed to be strong, reliable, economical and environmentally sustainable.

Branching from agriculture to providing solutions to every waste stream, including medical, pet, general, aquacultural, municipal and bespoke.  In 2016 Addfield brought the company Techtrol into the organisation, gaining the expertise to expand into higher-capacity incineration.

The modern Addfield incinerator has come a long way since the first machine was built, now constructed with high-grade specialist insulation materials commonly used within PowerStations, alongside expert computer-aided design and modelling, delivering machines that consistently outperform any other incinerator available by over 40%.

Unlike some manufacturers, we are not content to provide a basic solution, avoiding the one size fits all approach to the safe destruction of waste. Truly understanding the difference that the composition of waste and the impact their unique properties has on the environment and community and adjusting our machines accordingly.  Investing time and resources into research and development ensures we minimise the impact that waste has on the world today and for future generations.

Having specific ranges covering medical, agricultural, aquacultural, municipal and other specialist waste streams. Some may look similar on the outside. However, it is through optimisation that we can guarantee the safest approach to waste management. Ranging from compact 100kg capacity machines for small farms and medical facilities to large-scale multi-ton capacity installations.  We are one of the only providers of thermal treatment globally that can provide such an effective range of solutions.

I am very proud of what the team here at Addfield have achieved. The equipment solution we can offer our customers is second to none in the industry. From a small 50kg batch loaded system to fully automatic loading and de-ashing high capacity 2000kg/hr rotary system with state-of-the-art gas filtration. Addfield has now become the number-one go-to Company for quality incineration equipment. Every week we welcome new and old customers from around the world at the Companies Staffordshire-based manufacturing facilities to view our craftsmen at work. You will always be assured of a warm, friendly welcome when visiting Addfield to witness the care and dedicated craftsmanship that go into all of our equipment. Just give us a call and arrange to come see us“. Derek Carr – Managing Director

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