Addfield Works with the Nigerian Navy

Self Contained Solutions To Medical Waste For The Nigerian Navy

The machines were originally purchased to manage the mixed medical waste created in the general operation of a number of hospitals and medical centres. The largest of our MP range, these are the perfect solution for hospitals with around 500 beds in use at a time.

Although self-contained these incinerators have been installed in several semi-permanent structures which, if required, can be quickly dismantled to allow the incinerators to be rapidly moved to areas of high demand.

These installations have provided an invaluable addition to the well-being of the communities surrounding these health centres, as prior to their installation, the hazardous waste that was generated was previously disposed of via unreliable general waste collection, which was not the ideal way to prevent the risks of cross-contamination, an element of medical waste that has never been as valued as since the arrival of the Coronavirus pandemic.

During the two-week installation, Abraham and Emmanuel were welcomed by many members of the community, including many senior naval officers, including the DMS Commander, who had great enthusiasm for the successful installations.

The impact that these machines will make on the region was visible during the installation, and being able to see them in operation first-hand really brought the value of the option for containerised incinerators as an essential option for many customers.