The Rapid 1000 is one of the most robust, reliable and thermally efficient large scale incinerators on the market.

It is also one of the easiest to operate once training has been completed. Only one operator is needed throughout the whole process and this user only needs to perform minimal interaction. The hydraulically operated top loading lid is easily opened and closed whilst the plc controller can be preset with the cycle programme or entered manually if the operator has been fully trained. The rest is taken over by the Addfield machine. The hearth bar arrangement heats the waste from above and below to allow such a high burn rate and the progressive latching system ensures that there is a tight seal around the lid so there is limited thermal loss. The incinerator will maintain optimum burn temperatures throughout the cycle, which are displayed on the PLC Controller, until the end of the cycle where it reaches the automatic cool down process in preparation for de-ashing and reloading. Only about 3% of ash will be found in the chamber once the lid is opened.

  • British Designed.
    British Built.
  • World leaders in
    incineration technology.
  • Unrivalled build quality
    & machine longevity.
  • Distributed to more
    than 140 countries.
  • Environmentally
  • Trusted partner with
    40 years experience.