A50 L with door open

Bulk Pet Cremation for Veterinarians and Shelters

Solution for veterinarians and animal shelters

During the past ten years we have seen the pet cremation industry grow at a fantastic rate. Although our most popular solutions are our individual cremation machines. Not all pets are given the same send-off leading to the requirements for a dedicated bulk cremation approach.

We have recently worked with a South American veterinary practice boosting their business opportunities as they expanded their operation to provide an increased range of cremation options for pet owners and animal shelters.  Reflecting the continued increase in demand they chose to work with UK Manufacturer Addfield Environmental Systems for the installation of a dedicated mass pet cremation machine.

As more veterinarians join the growing number of businesses offering this services. Our customer in Chile have become one of the first in South America to expand their service to include mass cremation services, having successfully delivered individual cremation services for many years to customers across the region.

While the majority of pet owners will opt for an individual pet cremation, receiving their pets ashes back at the end of the process. Not every customer can afford a private service or wants their ashes returned. Additionally, animal shelters and other organisations working with stray and sick animals need a sustainable solution to managing any deceased animals. It is important that pets are managed environmentally and the safest method is cremation. While most pet cremation machines have been designed to deliver individual cremation our customer in Chile have invested in an Addfield A50L Mass Pet Cremator.

The A50L is built to cremate up to 400kg per day which is the equivalent to several dozen average sized cats and dogs, far greater than an individual cremation machine during the same amount of time.

Through being able to cremate many pets at the same time the costs are greatly reduced as well as the mass that needs to be disposed of. Cremation reduces the animal to 3% of clean ashes that can be safely disposed very easily by the crematorium.

“This is another example of the transformation of the Pet Cremation industry that we have seen recently in South America. As individual cremation is the most common approach it has been a pleasure to have been able to support Geconor in installing this exciting new opportunity.” Eduardo Sierra Torres International Sales Manager Addfield.

Mass cremation is often overlooked in the pet cremation industry however it is just as important for the secure disposal of deceased pets and Addfield who are industry leaders in pet cremation equipment have seen a spike in enquiries in this field recently with this project being the first service in South America to begin providing this service.