hospital waste on the ground

Providing sustainable medical waste disposal in the Ivory Coast

Just two years after their initial project in the Ivory Coast (Cote d’Ivoire) was completed Addfield has once again been commissioned to deliver more essential solutions for medical waste disposal to laboratories and clinics across the county.

As part of a program of continuing investment in the environment across the Ivory Coast, overseen by National Food and Animal Health Laboratory (LANADA) on behalf of the Government and sponsored by the USAID and WFP international aid programs. This project has progressed across several stages for safely disposing of hazardous medical waste. The initial project was originally for one location it has since expanded to cover multiple locations across the region beginning with the historic city of Bingerville.
Beginning in 2018 when SOFIM SARL first contracted Addfield to deliver a solution. This first stage of the project was for the incorporation of two modern incinerators that would be capable of cleanly disposing of large quantities of hazardous waste created across their research and testing facilities.
These laboratories were creating a range of waste including animal and biomedical by-products as such they required two machines to treat this securely. Following extensive research, they selected the MP100 and the MP200, which met and exceeded the specifications required.