Addfield SB - Emission Testing - Bio Security

Bio security measures in place for pig producers.

The UK’s largest organic pig breeder understands the importance of bio security on their pig farms. They needed a supplier who could offer an onsite solution for their animal disposal whilst ensuring that they correspond with the company’s praised values. Addfield were the manufacturers to tick all the boxes, bio security standards were met and the customer now has a long lasting and convenient method of animal disposal.

Client overview

Dalehead Foods is a socially responsible meat supplier, who is well-known for being the largest UK producer of outdoor bred pigs. They have been supplying meat to world class retailers for the past 30 years. With multiple locations and such a strong social ethos means even suppliers must conform to strict standards.

An incinerator is needed

Dalehead Foods already has several Addfield incinerators after researching the market and finding them to be the most robust and reliable available. This corresponded well with their sustainable business model. As such Addfield are the first choice when a new one is required.

Advantages of using Addfield incinerators

• An incinerator will conform to the biosecurity standards set for pig production.

• Cost saving of up to 50% can be made by incinerating on-site compared to sending waste to landfill.

• Time savings will be made as handling times are greatly reduced.

Which incinerator?

Addfield provided the customer with an SB that has a loading capacity of up to 750kg and a burn rate of <50g; designed predominately for pigs and sows. Its top loading design ensures clean and easy loading of the waste and a sealed leak proof design. The front is fitted-out with 10mm thick impact resistant steel ram guard to combat wear and tear from mechanical loading.

Green agricultural incinerator with bin tipper accessory

Fitting into the plan

The pig farming company has been recognised for comprehensively improving the efficiency of their farm’s thanks to new systems such as onsite disposal. This has generated improvements throughout the farms, allowing time for the employees to focus on more significant tasks. They have also been awarded for their EcoFarm production and management techniques which involve reducing their waste, and subsequently their carbon footprint, whilst saving money. Biosecurity plays are a large role in this since it helps to save the company the cost of subcontracting their waste management and considerably improved the farm security by reducing movement.