Qatar - Baladna - Sheep SB Incinerator

Sheep Farming in Qatar

Doha, Qatar

Baladna, the leading supplier of Syro-Arabian Awassi sheep, needed a supplier who could match their high standards of business.

Client Overview

Baladna is a national livestock and animal production company along with being the leading supplier of sheep meat, milk and animal feed products. Company values are very important to Baladna so they focus strongly on their top five beliefs: Qatari traditional values, purity, fulfilment shelter and sustainability.

An Incinerator is Needed

Sheep farming is one of the main components of economic development in Qatar.

The country is currently going through a process of improving the quality of agricultural production whilst enhancing guidance, organizational and monitoring mechanisms.

Awassi Sheep - Qatar

The Importance of Incineration

Incineration is an important part of a sheep farms biosecurity.

Biosecurity is a concern for all sheep farmers because it only takes one ill sheep to create an epidemic that could potentially wipe out a flock.

Baladna needs to prevent the introduction and spread of disease by removing dead carcasses, placenta and foetal tissues. If this is left for dogs or wild animals then this creates the risk of other animals introducing disease to the flock.

Advantages of Using an Addfield Incinerator

The Addfield incinerators are designed to be highly robust so can withstand high usage in emergency situations. The design incorporates a front ram guard and an impact resistance zone to prevent damage from loading and the steadfast nature of the refractory lining – three layers of self-supporting brickwork, ensure the ultimate long-term reliability. The efficiency of the machine is paramount, this is achieved by ensuring that all of the heat produced is being utilised inside the machine as part of the incineration process and not radiated outwards. In part, this is due to the materials chosen and a 180mm thickness of refractory lining. Baladna is situated outside of the UK so the reliability of Addfield incinerators is highly important.

Which Incinerator?

The SB and TB have refractory sizes of 1.54m3 and 2.3m3 respectively which allow the incineration of up to 8 and 12 sheep each. The top loading design is easy to load by manual or mechanical means. The process is clean and straightforward, the machines sealed leak-proof design further enhances its biosecurity credentials. Onsite commissioning came as standard and a 12 months service parts package were supplied for peace of mind.

Fitting into the Plan

Those at Baladna are very concerned about the sustainability of their farm which can be seen through their insistence on sanitising trucks before and after entering the farm as well as only using organic feed. Addfield were able to support this by providing environmentally friendly incinerators. Addfield incinerators are virtually smokeless and have been proven to create little emissions through third-party testing.

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