Addfield TB-AB Narcotics Incineration Machine

Keeping Saudi Arabia safe from Narcotics, with an Addfield GM1300 incinerator

The Middle East is challenging its rise in drug trafficking through regional cooperation which means there will be an abundance of drugs that need to be suitably discarded of.

Client overview

To combat the drug trafficking problem in its country, the Saudi Arabian Government advertised a tender to find the best solution to the problem. The tender advertised by the Government was for four incinerators, that would be suitable for the incineration on contraband. The tender was accepted by a number of incineration business, but Addfield were chosen for the task.


Drug trafficking is a growing problem in the Middle East and those being used as traffickers often cross country borders by car since it has a lower cost than going by air or sea. The most common drugs passing through the Middle East at the moment are amphetamines, opium, heroin and morphine. Not only is it a major concern for all the usual reasons but drug trafficking is also known to fund terrorism in this area.

Narcotics incinerator on site with a filtration system attached

What makes us the best?

There are a number of incinerator and cremator manufacturers in Europe but there is a huge difference between Addfield quality and our competitors who claim to be ‘market leaders’. Both our machines & competitors machines have been specifically designed with narcotics disposal in mind yet there is a vast difference between the sizes of the scrubber systems! This is what ensures that gases are cleansed for a cleaner burn which is why Addfield machines are virtually smokeless.

Incinerator in car park for photo

Which incinerator?

Addfield provided four TB/HBs which allowed a large amount to be incinerated daily on the site of confiscation.
These machines were custom-built for our customer’s needs and included:

  • wet scrubber systems
  • chimney extensions
  • an additional pressure gauge

The wet scrubber system is a particle suppressant system used to further lower the incinerator emissions. It was scaled to size for the TB/HB and constructed from stainless steel. It works by simply spraying the liquid down onto cooled gas particles moving up to create a counter current flow; resulting in the lowest pollutant concentration possible. This is a recommended feature when burning something as toxic as drugs.
Two Addfield engineers were dedicated to this assignment so provided the customers with complete support including onsite training and commissioning with the help of a translator.