Medical Waste Landfill

Taking a responsible approach to medical waste in Pakistan

The growing risk to public health.

With the rapid growth in population across Pakistan it is becoming more of a challenge to safely and securely dispose of medical waste.  With the continuing risks to public health it is essential that waste is not only properly disposed of but also managed.

With many healthcare facilities found to be operating without a suitable waste disposal system in place.  In the locations where there are incinerators on site many are decrepid or beyond repair.  A result of this is that waste is simply strewn across the ground accessible to all.  This has lead In recent years to a black market springing up dealing in plastic waste scavenged from the openly disposed waste.  With discarded and toxic plastics including infected syringes having been collected and sold back into the infrastructure. These plastics have then been sold and recycled into many different items including toys and drinking straws.

With the resulting risks from cross contamination and rapid spread of infection a very real danger, with waste disposed of in such a manner leading to a when rather than an if for a catastrophic infectious outbreak at some point in the future.

A tailor made solution was needed

We were approached by our customer who had been working hard to combat the growing problem caused by medical waste.  Having previously purchased two different Incineration machines from other manufacturers which had unfortunately failed to live up to expectation in both output and longevity.

Following a period of discussion they flew across to see us in the UK to inspect our facilities as well as see how, our machines are made differently to most machines with improved build quality and advanced technology to manage the process of incineration better.

Red MP-500 medical incinerator with green shrubbery

Our expert solution

Our solution was to offer the MP500 Dual Fired Incinerator which is designed specifically to safely process all medical waste in a controlled manner.  Able to completely destroy Category 2,3 and 4 types as well as Red Bag waste.

International customers next to hospital waste incinerator

Why they choose to trust Addfield

It was clear following the visit that we knew how to handle Medical waste safely and with over 35 years heritage in producing Incinerators for more than 95 countries we proved that we had both expertise and staying power, as we evidenced by showcasing a number of machines of ours that are still in operation after more than 20 years of continuous usage.

Additionally, we did not try to force a solution on to them rather we discussed their exact needs, requirements, and more importantly resources. So that we were available to ensure that our machine would be fit for purpose, now and in the future.  With our background working with many of the worlds largest Healthcare Organisations on multiple occasions, it was clearly apparent that we could be trusted to provide the solution that they were after.