Addfield Manufacture Mobile Aquaculture Incineration Machines

Scottish Sea Farms

Addfield supply a Mobile Aquaculture machine that
enables the farming of fish to be sustainable.

The Challenge

The challenge was to build a bespoke aquaculture incineration machine for Scottish Sea Farms.

Being located in Northern Scotland means that the working environment is arduous and challenging, so Scottish Sea Farms need its equipment to withstand testing climates.

Incineration is regarded as a premium defence against the spread of disease, enabling the customer to control their own biosecurity and movement of waste.

Addfield is renowned for making robust, reliable and efficient incinerators which are specifically designed for the aqua industry. This is why Scottish Sea Farms have chosen us as their suppliers.

The Importance of Incineration

  • It is a legal requirement that incineration or pressure sterilisation is used to dispose of category 1 animal by-products – including raw fish.
  • The odour of rotting fish on a large scale would be repulsive, and throwing dead fish back into the sea would conflict with biosecurity measures.
  • Incineration with an Addfield incinerator stops this by making certain that all waste products are firmly sealed within the incinerator until the operative turns it on. The high efficiency of the incinerators means that the operation is virtually smokeless and odourless.
Scottish town at bottom of grass hill
Scottish Sea Farms - Addfield

Advantages of using Addfield

Addfield are key suppliers to Scottish Sea Farms with the Thunder 1000 incinerator and has been since 2011. Addfield is setting the industry standard, our aquaculture range of incinerators has been specifically designed for use within the aquaculture industry.

Addfield consulted with specialists in this field, such as this customer and with their valuable insight, we designed a range of machines that are perfect for all types of aqua-based incineration and built to withstand all conditions.

British built incinerator, Specifically designed for Fish farmers

Fitting into the plan

Addfield has proven to Scottish Sea Farms that they have the most robust, reliable and efficient incinerators on the market, hence why Addfield is still their key supplier. All incinerators are commissioned by experienced engineers, and servicing takes place once a year as legally required.