Addfield TB-AB-MAX Animal Waste Incinerator

Energy Recovery System

Addfield collaborated with an energy recovery company and one of the UK’s largest landscaping and recycling companies to produce the innovative idea of creating energy from waste.

Some things cannot be recycled so instead of sending these to a landfill they are incinerated and reused to create hot water and electricity. This is then used to heat and power the garden centre whilst generating additional revenue. With the waste to energy system we can generate 38kw of electrical energy and 350w of thermal energy. Waste-to-energy means a reduction in waste disposal gate fees, offsets the government climate change levy and even attracts government incentives including ROC’s and RHI in the UK.

Energy Recovery Systems

Great return on investment

Many areas of the world have waste or biomass but no electricity; this method could potentially heat a small village so the benefits really can be worldwide and life saving. Although this may seem an expensive investment, our customer has the following expected payback based on a yearly waste disposal of 350 tonne: Payback: Between 2-3 years Return on Investment (ROI): 14.8%

Addfield supplied the TBAB which is the largest low capacity machine on the market with an internal chamber size of 4.18m3. Despite its size there is still only 1-3% ash and 0% odour plus all Addfield machines are CE certified and EU regulations compliant. The Computational Fluid System (CFS) used to monitor the efficiency of the machines at Addfield ensures that there is complete combustion within the chamber along with excessive air and rapid cooling systems fitted as standard, aiding cleaner burns and faster cool down times.

The energy recovery system is an 85% efficient exhaust gas recirculation technology. The cyclone feature ensures optimum efficiency, prevents any ash build up and deposits any excess into the collection bin, ready for final disposal. Due to its high efficiency a two stage burn only uses around 5 litres of fuel each day. Have a problem with waste costs rising? Take control today by utilising our waste to energy systems.