Evitskog, Finland

Containerised Pet Crematoria

Evitskog, Finland

Sami Viljanen wanted a small business idea that could be started on his own land with the possibility of growing over time. A solution was needed and that is when he contacted Addfield.

Client overview

Sami Viljanen aspired to own his own business. He noticed that a huge gap in the pet cremation market as the closest crematoriums was in Mäntsälä and Myrskylä.

A crematorium is needed

Our customer wanted to set up a pet crematorium without the costs of buying, renting or building. He had seen that we offer containerised units as part of our mobile range and believed that this could be the perfect solution for him.

Containerised machine surrounded by forestry

The importance of a high-quality cremation machine

It is very important to have a superior cremator when setting up a pet crematorium for a number of reasons such as:

  • Client satisfaction – a customer who is pleased with the quality of the ash produced is much more likely to recommend the crematorium to friends and family. Word of mouth is the most effective way of gaining customers in such a delicate business field.
  • Productivity levels – a genuinely robust, reliable and efficient machine will mean quicker and more competent burn cycles; allowing for higher productivity levels. Resulting in a faster return on investment.

Advantages of using Addfield cremation machine

An Addfield Mini with an extraction modified building was suggested and during discussions, the unit was designed to the customer’s exact specifications to ensure total satisfaction. It was designed to be ready to operate upon delivery, with only the chimney to be installed. This was only the start of the relationship between Addfield and Sami Viljanen. The Addfield engineers provided commissioning and training as well as the annual service necessary to ensure the cremator has the longevity expected from an Addfield machine.

Which cremation machine?

Modified 20ft/40ft shipping containers are suitable for medical, agricultural, campsites and pet cremation systems which are simple enough to be used by a single operator with minimal user interaction. Containerised solutions include as standard the installation of the extraction system, chimney section and electrical switchboard, relocation of the control panel, standard wooden based floor, an automatic winch system and a fuel tank inside the container. Optional extras include, but are not limited to, four standard light tubes, durbar steel flooring and a wheelie bin tipper system.

Green pet cremation machine housed in container

Fitting into the plan

Sami wanted to start with a small business model that could be operated from near his home. He had enough surrounding land to set up a crematorium on his own land. To prevent the extra costs of building, the cremator was put in a container which protected the machine and allowed it to be blend in with the land.

What’s happened since?

Sami’s pet crematorium business proves to be a success, he plans to expand into horse cremation since the only one currently available in Finland is located in Mäntsälä. He has recently expanded his business portfolio by becoming an Addfield distributor for Finland. This is an ideal scenario for Addfield since having such a dedicated client now working with the company means the Addfield enthusiasm is passed on to another country.

Have a look at his great work.



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