MP400 Medical Incinerator

A record breaking medical installation for Addfield

Entering our 101st Country

Machine collections are a daily occurrence at Addfield, however this specific one was something a little special. While it may have looked like just another MP400 medical waste incinerator was loaded up to begin its journey to a new country back in January 2020. It was the first of our machines for Tajikistan and as such represented the 101st country that we have installed a machine in and a landmark moment.

This project was implemented to transform the way that hazardous medical waste including used syringes, needles, glass wool and other potentially dangerous waste was disposed of. Part of a larger project to establish a secure hazardous waste disposal area for the local hospital as well as to replace an aging and unsafe incinerator.

Hazardous Medical Waste Disposal Area

The chosen site for this installation was in the village of Machiton near the city of Vahdat. Predominantly to serve the local Tuberculosis hospital, as TB is still a considered threat in the region

Only six months prior to delivery the former waste disposal site was little more than waste ground with a rusted and smoky old incinerator sat next to bags of Class ‘B’ medical waste from TB Hospitals, and epidemiological and microbiological laboratories as well as Class ‘G’ waste including cytostatic, disinfectants, objects containing mercury and various raw materials and pharmaceutical products. The entire site was a real threat to the local environment and health of the local community.