Eggs and poultry incineration

Changing the face of poultry farming across China

Supporting the modernisation of China's agriculture

Anhui, China

China is the largest egg producer in the world, amounting to over 35% of global production. Cargill has devised a world class strategy to modernise agriculture and food safety in China.


China’s poultry industry has grown at an average annual rate of 8.8% to $91billion on account of rising poultry prices and output growth. However, this is not without its challenges as this industry faces a number of problems including disease outbreaks, restricted land use, increasing expenses and scarce labour.

Cargill is an international producer and distributor of products related to the food and agriculture industries. It has been operating in China since the early 1970s and has developed to be located in 68 sites with over 9,000 employees. They aim to support the modernisation of China’s agricultural industry and it is now one of the most advanced in the world. Cargill has been Addfield clients since February 2011.

Large Incinerator Low Capacity 50kg hr hour

The benefits of poultry incineration

An incinerator is needed

The customers had previously used about 4 other manufacturers equipment and were left disappointed with the results due to the machines having inefficient designs and very short longevity.

The importance of incineration

Incineration on a poultry farm with an Addfield machine:

  • Prevents disease
  • Is environmentally more friendly than other disposal methods or competitors
  • Is necessary for the health of animals and humans in close contact with the carcases
  • Avoids the numerous burial laws – water, depth, protected site etc.


Recognised as the market leaders

Following consultation discovering key factors of importance for the new farm which included;  flock security and management alongside preparedness for any potential disease outbreak in the future.  We included a selection of America, British, European and Chinese experts from Cargill and across the industry to ensure that we only proposed the most suitable of equipment.  It was clear that a robust solution was required, which when we reviewed all options to ensure that best available practices were met produced a quote for a TB unit which was accepted.

The TB is built to be used in the most exacting of environments.  Designed for life on a working farm, with the option of durable 10mm steel formed impact bars to protect against any tractor impact when loading.  With the added benefit of being top loading unit which improves efficiency and output it was agreed that this was the perfect solution to help ensure the financial stability of the farm through being able to deal with all bio-security  requirements as well as ongoing day to day operation.

Cargill has implemented a world class integrated poultry operation which will allow the farm to process 65 million chickens per year. They plan to modernise agriculture and food safety in China so that it matches global safety standards for food handling, employee welfare and the environment. Addfield incinerators are the most advanced on the market, which can be seen by the highly efficient and virtually smokeless operation, owing to continuous research and development.


Advantages of using Addfield incinerators

  • Addfield incinerators are known by clients for the incinerators longevity. This means that the incinerator will be an investment into China’s poultry farming future.
  • The high efficiency of the machines ensures that the heat produced by the incinerator stays inside the machine which greatly reduces fuel usage.
  • The high standard of Addfield machinery fits in perfectly with Cargill’s plan to modernise the poultry farm industry in China.