High Capacity agricultural incinerators Rapid 1000

High Capacity Agricultural Incineration in Abu Dhabi

Providing incinerators for agricultural usage since 1982 it is not hard for you to find our machines installed across every continent. Delivering reliable solutions for the independent farmer to manage their fallen livestock, large international farms managing multi-site disposal of poultry and sheep, all the way to waste management companies securely disposing of high quantities of mixed animal waste.

This particular installation was completed in Abu Dhabi for Averda one of the world’s largest waste management companies for a project funded by the Abu Dhabi government. Housed within a new dedicated facility built just for this purpose. The site has been developed to securely dispose of bulk animal by-products up to and including entire fully grown adult cows and camels.

Having such massive load requirements meant that there was only one sensible choice of machine for this project and with the immense levels of waste that Averda needed to handle on a daily basis the fact was they required two. The Rapid 1000 is our largest traditional agricultural incinerator, at just over 8 metres in length and with a loading chamber volume in excess of 5m3 this is the only top-loading machine that we produce that can easily handle such large loads. Such intense loads also require the ability to burn at an incredible rate, where you will find most of our agricultural range burn at less than 50kg an hour the Rapid 1000 can achieve an output of up to 1000kg an hour more than sufficient to manage the high throughput required.

Cow sized lifting table

A full-sized cow can easily push the scales close to a tonne and requiring multiple loads throughout the day it was essential that safety and biosecurity were addressed. As such this installation came with two specific automatic loading options. The first taking the more traditional form of a bin tipper system capable of handling large bins up to 1100 litres in size to safely load assorted animal by-products into the primary chamber throughout the day. The more interesting solution was devised to manage the intact cows and camels that would also be loaded whole into the chamber.

Beginning with a large mechanical Digger/Excavator lifting the cow onto our largest lifting table yet. The hydraulic lifting table which easily holds the cow and camels lifts up to 1000kg of animal up to the height of the loading bay before carefully tipping the bed to a suitable angle to allow the carcass to simply slide into the chamber, reducing the impact that dropping the animal direct would have on the integrity of the chamber.

A genuinely impressive project housed in a clean, cutting edge building this has been a pleasure to have been a part of. Awarded to Addfield following an in-depth consultation process. During which we were able to welcome the team from Averda alongside our distributors for Abu Dhabi, Lillidale for a full site tour in the UK of our facility and also some local major projects we have recently completed.
This entire installation has been a pleasure from start to finish and a testament in the value of having a team of distributors equally dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction as we are. We have worked with Jinto Kuruvilla who lead the project on behalf of Lillidale for many years now and he was a key member of the installation team integrating seamlessly between us, Averda and the Addfield Projects team.
Although the two incinerators shipped just before the global outbreak of the Coronavirus when it came time to install and commission these gigantic machines we were still able to call upon our international team of engineers to work alongside our own to get these machines fully operational. We were, fortunately, able to fly out one of our most experienced engineers Mariusz Morawski to Abu Dhabi for the four-week duration of the install ensuring that every aspect was operating as expected and the engineers on site were fully trained in the operation, servicing and essential maintenance needed to keep these two machines running for the next 20 years. This was the first installation that we have completed for Averda and are confident that we will be working together again in the future.