Dogs Home Containerised Incinerator

Dogs Home successfully diversifies into Pet Cremation

Perfect addition to the charity.

When most people think about Boarding Kennels and Rehoming Kennels for rescue pets, the last thing that is generally considered is pet cremation. However, the two businesses are perfectly suited to operate side by side as, in most instances, they will be helping the same customers just in different circumstances.

A perfect example of this synergy was the installation in late 2020 of our of one of our containerised PET200 machines for Three Counties Pet Rescue Kennels based in Lincolnshire. Established as a registered charity back in 2016, they have since helped to rehome hundreds of Cats and Dogs that have been left in their care.

Having been so successful that they recently had to move to much larger grounds with more open-air space for the dogs alongside increased opportunities to grow their fundraising opportunities. With opportunity, it was essential that any additional service would be in keeping with the ethos of the kennels alongside being one which was genuinely going to bring in revenue to the charity to allow them to care for an increasing number of animals.

Operating as a non-profit organisation, they have a small dedicated team whose main aim is to find a new home for all the cats and dogs in their care. At three counties, all animals are looked after until they are rehoused in an appropriate new home.

The pet cremation service is not one which is being widely publicised; instead, they are offering this to existing customers who have previously rehoused with them alongside local veterinarians and word-of-mouth referrals. All additional incomes generated will, of course, be going straight back into the charity to give all animals the best chance of finding a happy home.

Happy customers with an Addfield Pet Cemator

A more secure future through Pet Cremation

This is a fabulous opportunity for Three Counties to achieve additional income in a market that is recession-proof and always in demand. In 2020, we saw on the news small businesses nationwide had to close their doors impacted by the Coronavirus, and boarding kennels were particularly impacted due to the dramatic reduction in demand. However, we saw pet crematoriums able to stay open throughout as an essential business, with demand staying consistent throughout.

In fact, another unseen side effect of the Coronavirus and enforced lockdown will have a double impact on Three Counties as dog ownership achieved a 10-year high. The impact of this will sadly mean more dogs will need rehoming in the future alongside the inevitable pet cremation services further on.

After investigating the available options and suppliers, the team eventually settled on a solution from Addfield, namely a containerised PET200. The PET200 is already Europe’s most popular solution due to its excellent throughput matched with the construction, which allows a comfortable and relatively quiet operation. As they had moved to a new site which did not have any spare buildings for the installation, it was decided that the most sensible and economical option would be to select the containerised option removing the need for additional building regulations and planning permission required to install a new permanent building.  To ensure the suitability of the containerised option, we completed a thorough site survey at Three Counties, reviewing the location of the facility along with any required civil works and, most importantly, ensuring a seamless operation for them when in use.