External view of a pet cremator flu chimney in a snowy european town.

Finland's Most Productive Pet Crematorium

Finland’s largest pet crematorium was inaugurated in January 2017. A large proportion of the country pet cremations are cared for and processed with dignity in the A50IC plant manufactured by Addfield. The plant is operated from diesel and electricity. The fuel consumed by the plant is converted heat to cremate the animals and the brick lined refractory insulation, widely regarded and one of the most efficient linings for heat retention maximises the efficiency of the plant.

The plant was conceived from a requirement to replace existing equipment. The new machine required to be more robust, more reliability and more efficient. It also needed to provide increased throughput’s to meet the growing demand for pet cremation services in country.

The plant is capable of operating 7 days per week. In this time the A50IC is capable of processing just under 500 pets, with just 30 minutes dedicated to preventative maintenance.

Animals are loaded from a charge trolley directly into the primary chamber. This loading procedure minimises bending and keeps the operator safe. The automatic vertical doors systems allow unrestricted access to the primary chamber, whilst inlocks prevent the burners from firing when the doors are open. The intelligent control system knows the difference between loading a new animal and de-ashing. Subsequently it will automatically adjust the combustion air system according to the process. A separate lower de-ashing zone provides a convenient removal solution without effecting the succeeding cremation

An A50IC 4 multi high output pet cremation solution

The A50IC plant is equipped with the latest technology with the aim maximise throughput from the plant whilst providing an easy-to-use, ergonomic loading and operating procedure.

Features of the A50IC plant include:

  • Hot Hearth Technology.
  • Automatic pneumatically operated vertical lift doors.
  • Reactive air dampers adjust to the load automatically according to the plant status.
  • Specific animal operational control programs
  • Separate de-ashing zone
  • Viewing Ports.
  • Natural load height chambers.
  • Burner cut-off switches.
  • PLC Control

The new pet crematorium plant was installed to replace an existing pet crematorium plant. Due to the improvements in technology and specifically the refractory insulation compared to the legacy equipment, it is highly expected that there will be a significant reduction in radiant heat emanating from the equipment. Subsequently, the lack of lost heat due to improved thermal efficiency will lead reduction consumption of fossil fuels and ultimately a greater profitability for the business per cremation.

Cover photo: Addfield A50IC(4) Pet Crematorium January 2017

The flue gas cleaning methods on Addfield A50IC plant represent the best available technology for a pet crematorium plant. As such, there is no smoke or odour from the plant. Addfields’ A50IC plant is compliant with all the relevant EU directives including Animal-by-products regulations, EC 142/2011

Addfield A50IC Pet Crematorium in a nutshell:

  • The leading pet crematorium machine for established pet crematoriums
  • Ideal for a high throughput of pets
  • A robust, reliable machine that has been in use around the world for over 15 years.
  • Build in Great Britain by the pet cremation expects.
  • Addfield ~ Simply Build Better!