Sunnyside Poultry Diversification

Sunnyside Poultry Diversify into Pet Cremation.

Sunnyside Poultry is an established poultry farm who wanted to expand and diversify their business. After meeting Addfield at the pig and poultry show, the Hornsby’s decided that pet cremation was unquestionably the next step forward for their company.

Fitting into the plan

Mr and Mrs Hornsby plan to expand the business with another cremation unit when they reach capacity, that doesn’t look to far away.

The compact design of the Pet-200 means that this could easily be achieved in their existing building.

+Positive Feedback

“Right from meeting Derek he was very helpful and I liked the fact I could quickly reach him by email and phone.

The process was very efficient and I particularly enjoyed being shown around the factory. I was kept up to date on build lead time and the cremator was delivered on time.

Overall, I was very impressed with the total service provided.” pre and post sale. Excellent job all round.

Addfield engineers in hi-viability jackets

Client overview

Sunnyside Poultry is a successful poultry farm conveniently situated just outside of Derby town centre. With enough land to expand the business, the owners decided to diversify into a new market so renovated the building seen below.

A cremator is needed

Mr and Mrs Hornsby went through the heartbreaking process of having their Jack Russell cremated and were left disappointed with the local services available to them. As business minded people, they knew that theycould do a better job themselves and had the means to do so by using a disused barn on their smallholding.

After researching the pet cremation market, they soon realised there was limited competition in Derby and the surrounding area with a particularly high demand from surrounding vets.

Mr and Mrs Hornsby first met Addfield at the Pig and Poultry Show. They were immediately attracted to the efficiency and robustness of our machines as well as how knowledgeable the Addfield representatives were. This positive first impression was further supported with the quick and precise communication Addfield had to offer.

The importance of cremation

Pet cremation is an increasingly essential service in today’s society because more and more people are seeing their pets as ‘family’. Cremation offers the chance for owners to say goodbye to their pets with minimal upset since the actual cremation is behind the scenes as owners usually leave their pets in the ‘Quiet room.’ This also allows the pet to be scattered wherever the owners wish or even kept at home in an urn.

The Business Case for Addfield Cremators

The PET200 machine has the business potential to process between 7-12 animals per day. This could be further extended in the future should a second machine be required due to the machine’s compact design and locations limited building space. Operating with a revenue base of between £100 and £180 per cremation the machine has a potential daily yield of between £700 and £2160 (Monthly: £21,000-£64,800). Offset against a daily operating cost of between £30 to £55.

Sunnyside poultry PET-200

Which cremator?

It was decided that the PETCREM200 is the ideal cremator for Sunnyside due to its compact and front loading design. Combined with our cremator tools, there is no worry of cross contamination of ashes. The PETCREM200 will allow Sunnyside to cremate pets up to the size of a large dog which is ideal for their location and target market. Hot hearth technology ensuring any energy created is utilised to cremate the pet.