The Opening of Treasured Memories Grimsby

Next Generation Of Pet Cremation Launches In Grimsby

Containerised Pet Cremator behind fencing

Treasured Memories Pet Crematorium Grimsby

After many months of planning and preparation, August 2021 saw Treasured Memories Pet Crematorium based in Grimsby, in the North East of England, and operated directly by North East Lincolnshire Council, open the doors to what could be the most complete pet cremation service yet.

Treasured Memories is connected to the Grimsby Crematorium in the recently repurposed second smaller chapel of rest, which had previously been used as a garage and storage area. After bringing the small chapel up to current standards, this pet crematorium now provides an almost mirror image of a traditional human crematorium service.

Beginning with a tasteful chapel of rest that can host small gatherings of up to 12 people and includes the same modern facilities as you would find in a full-sized human crematorium, such as discreet music, webcasting and the ability to participate in visual tributes and even a Catafalque which is where the coffins are rested during a traditional funeral service.

The Opening of Treasured Memories Grimsby

A Reliable And Local Service For All

“To many pet owners, their furry friends are considered to be well-loved family members, and it’s right that when they do pass away, they get a proper send-off and their owners have somewhere to go to mark their loss.  Now local pet owners don’t have to travel miles and pay expensive bills to have their pets transported outside of the area for cremation. I’m really pleased we can offer this service.” Councillor Stewart Swinburn, portfolio holder for energy and environment at North East Lincolnshire Council

Being such a sensitive and heritage site the installation from Addfield had to reflect the sobriety of the location and ensure that all visitors to the crematorium would not be distracted by the mechanics of the operation. As a result, the PET 200 was selected to be housed within a specially adapted container. A similar installation to the first council ran pet crematorium which opened in Barnsley in 2018.

Our containerised PET200 installations have many benefits to the crematorium operator. Being fully self-contained they are quick to install and commission. They require no additional buildings to operate from and can be clad in a range of environmentally camouflaging materials to help them to blend in.  In the case of Treasured Memories, the only sign that there is anything behind the fences is the small chimney unobtrusively housed above the panels.

Over the years we have seen the professionalism of pet crematoriums raising higher as the industry has grown in validity. This is the first time that we have seen such a service so closely replicate that of a traditional human crematorium and we are sure that his service will be of great success and benefit to the residents of Grimsby.