Medical incinerator installed in Guinea

MP100 Medical Waste management in Guinea Conakry

Having worked with multiple International Aid Agencies over the past ten years we have built up a strong reputation for providing reliable solutions that are designed specifically for the purpose in hand.

As such we are regularly asked to provide replacement machines for installations that have become outdated or inefficient.

We are often surprised at the age and construction of some of these machines still being used when we go to replace them. Sometimes being little more than a brick kiln incinerator and sometimes something a little more modern.

One of our recent upgrade installations was on behalf of Medecines Sans Frontiers in West Africa.

Providing one of our MP100 machines for the National Hospital of D’Hemodialyse in Guinea Conakry to replace an outdated system for managing the hospitals daily waste produced.

Guinea Conakry incineration

A real improvement over their old machine and one that we are confident will be in operation for many years to come.

As highlighted by the director of engineering at the National Hospital of D’Hemodialyse.

“I have had the privileged to have received the training here. In the installation and usage of the MP100 machine. From Mr Emmanuel from Nigeria.

During the training here I have seen lots of advantages that are linked to the machine.
With our old machine if there was a fault You would have to wait a long time before you could see the problem in the machine. With the Addfield controller, you can see where the fault is, it tells you what it is so you can reduce the time to fix, which is very important to us.

Considering it is a very big machine that does a very good job It consumes little fuel. In summary, it is very economical and ecological and the service is very, very easy. With the MP100 we have no more headaches about the environment.
Thanks a lot Addfield.”