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African Swine Fever in Eastern Europe

Addfield assisting the fight against African Swine Fever, it may not infect humans but this does not stop it having a devastating effect on those who keep pigs as their livestock.

Client Overview

Vilimeksas has been successfully implementing projects in energetics, medical and veterinary sectors in the Lithuanian market for more than 17 years.

Advantages of using Addfield incinerators

  • EfW – Energy from Waste.
  • Is a bio secure alternative to burying the carcasses which also means that the owners of the pigs are not breaking any laws by transporting them to other areas.
  • Volume of what is being incinerated is dramatically reduced.
  • Requires minimum land.
  • Reduced greenhouse emissions compared to other disposal methods.
  • Odour and smoke free when using an Addfield machine.
Trailier mobile incinerator

An incinerator is needed

African swine fever affects domestic and wild pig species. It is highly contagious since it can be caught through pigs eating infected meat and contact with ANYTHING contaminated such as other infected pigs, bodily fluid, vehicles and clothing. In 2007 it first reached Eastern Europe. Now, it has affected Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Estonia.

It is believed that African swine fever has spread as quickly as it has in the Eastern European countries because of a lack of bio security, absence of a co-ordinated control programme, and traditional use of swill feeding and an abundance of back yard pig units. This struggle is strengthened by the lack of clear information surrounding this issue which can be seen by the low level of awareness shown from people outside of the pig farming industry. Other more obvious factors include the freedom of wild boar, illegal movement of animals and the movements of contaminated goods such as vehicles.

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The importance of incineration

It is recommended that all confiscated quarantine materials (such as food waste) at international airports and seaports is either deeply buried or incinerated. Incineration is the best option because there will only be 1-3% ash created from the incineration and this process can all be completed at the port without destroying surrounding land.

Once pigs that have definitely or potentially been infected are humanely destroyed it is important to eliminate the chance of infecting other pigs; therefore it is advisable that all carcasses and any other material that has been contaminated are deeply buried or incinerated. In this instance, incineration is the best option because this process needs to all take place as close to the premises as possible in order to prevent any dangers occurring.

About the Addfield Mini Plus Incinerator

  • Specially designed for the incineration of livestock
  • 500kg capacity
  • Up to 50kg / hr burn rate
  • Brick lined refractories and high heat retention as standard
  • Utilises fats and calorific value of the animal to burn the waste in the incinerator
  • Top loading – clean and easy loading with no leak points
  • Fuel options: Diesel, LPG, Natural Gas and Bio Fuel
  • Ideal for: poultry, sheep, bacon pigs, wild boar and goats