Using a G20 Waste Oil incinerator-2

Restoring the ecology of oil sites for the petroluem industry in Chad.

A by-product in the production of crude oil is the risks to the environment from contamination by raw oil as it is extracted from the ground. Often resulting in land that is unusable and toxic due to the high quantities of oil that has seeped into the soil. Across the Petroleum industry environmental security is of paramount importance, protecting the regions that they operate in from undue pollution. Legislation is in place to ensure that companies follow appropriate ecological guidelines in the protection of the environment on their sites. Due to our industry expertise we were approached by one of the worlds largest petroleum companies to provide two fully compliant mobile solutions for Chad in Central Africa.

One of the safest methods to remove waste hydrocarbons from soil and sand is through thermal treatment, rather than relying upon chemicals, which can ineffectively remove the oil whilst potentially creating a separate hazard of their own. Through
incineration the oil is oxidised off the sand and soil. The sterilised material can then be returned to the environment without any risks.

Due to the highly flammable and volatile nature of this waste, incinerators need to be specifically adapted to manage the high volatility of the waste being processed, optimising the processing and fuel usage throughout.
The solution was two advanced containerised G20 incinerators specially adjusted to safely process the waste, optimised along multiple unique paths.

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