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Developing the health-care disposal systems in Togo for UNICEF

Supplying medical incineration machines worldwide, to fight back against diseases.

Healthcare Development in Togo

The improvement of healthcare facilities in Togo is critical for the countries development as a whole. Malaria remains one of the leading causes of morbidity, however, a growing trend has been identified by the World Health Organisation that tuberculosis is on the rise, whilst progress with reducing new cases of HIV/AIDS has been exceptional. This is in-part due to immunisation programs, international aid and an increase of investment into the health care facilities as a whole.

Due to the increased activity of healthcare facilities, medical waste generation rates are on the rise. Illegal dumping of medical waste can equally cause as much damage to the general public who come across it.



Governments, hospitals, international aid agencies all have an ethical and social responsibility to not leave a legacy of potentially hazardous waste to the local population. As such investment into disposal, infrastructure is critical for the health and well-being of current and future generations.

Addfields medical waste disposal equipment has been strategically deployed to three areas of Togo. The units were specifically chosen because of their ease of use, and capacity to deal with a wide range of medical waste categories.

French is the predominate language in Togo and communication is crucial to the safe working procedures when dealing with medical waste. As such two bi-lingual engineers were dispatched from Addfield to install the units and to provide end user training to local operators. Once installed the units were thoroughly tested and handed over.