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At Addfield we have a range of solutions available to suit all of your incineration and cremation needs.

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Emissions & Filtration

At Addfield we can provide a wide range of emissions & filtration systems suitable for various types of waste incineration systems. Typically only required on ‘high capacity’ incineration plants but also installed onto smaller systems the Addfield Pollution Control Systems are capable of dealing with a range of emission parameters. It is important to understand that any filtration system is only as good as the knowledge used to design and build it. One solution will not fit all plants so serious consideration is required when taking into account chemicals, temperatures, flow rates, particulate sizes and the customer's expectation. That’s why at Addfield we work extremely closely with our clients to build a system that is right for their application, their waste stream and the resulting off-gas produced from it. Addfield, a trusted partner for over 30 years.

  • Why buy an Addfield machine ?

    Addfield are leaders in the Animal Incineration industry due to our commitment to innovation, design and quality.

    All of our machines have been purpose-designed for the particular requirements of operating an agricultural incinerator. Compared to some manufacturers that simply rebrand their other machines.

    Our machines are designed to match and grow your business with options to suit you. Whether you are just starting out or are looking to expand.

    We have more than 35 years of heritage in the industry enabling us to have developed the widest range of machines.

    Our quality and service have helped us to win multiple awards and we are trusted by several of the world’s largest farming organisations to supply their machines.

    We keep our doors open to visitors and make all our machines by hand in the UK enabling you to see exactly what you are buying and at every stage of the process.

    We share your success as we are confident once you use an Addfield machine you will not want to use any other and when your time comes to upgrade we will be there to help your growth.

  • What are the filtration methods?

    There are various stages of the filtration on incineration systems, some are compulsory other maybe recommended depending on the waste stream and throughput.

  • What about medical incinerator emissions?

    Medical waste incinerators have to hit specific emission limits, these limits will vary depending on the location of which a machine is installed. For example emission limits in the UK, far exceed those of Asia. All of our machines are built to exceed even the strictest standards as a baseline, as such when a machine is purchased from Addfield, you should feel confident in the knowledge that you are buying an incinerator of the highest of standards from a trusted manufacturer.

    Our machines have been emission tested to the highest of standards: