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Equine Cremation

The largest low capacity, Equine Cremation machine on the market, extremely robust with a 10mm steel periphery and pre-cast block abrasion/impact resistant seal that protects the refractory from mechanical loading. The TB-AB is Ideal for the larger animals such as Horses and cattle. With an internal chamber volume of 4.18m³, the TB-AB ensures even the largest Equine carcass can be loaded fast and efficiently. Complete with excess air systems that maintain a constant burn rate up to 50kg per hour cleanly and efficiently every time. Our range of multi-chamber machines offer the user an option to cremate individual pets quickly and efficiently guaranteeing no cross-contamination between chambers. Their robust design gives a realistic payback on investment, British built and made to last. Multi-chamber cremators can range from 2-10 individual chambers that are all independently heated. Their high integrity refractory lining ensures minimal heat loss and high heat retention maximising fuel efficiency for the user