UK Manufactured Animal Incineration Machines

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Exceptional Quality.

Our incinerators are crafted on-site in Britain.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

At Addfield we have a range of solutions available to suit all of your incineration and cremation needs.

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Pet Cremation Business

Running a Pet Cremation Business is proving to be a highly lucrative business opportunity.  As the industry continues to expand with new Pet Crematoriums opening up on a regular basis it is not a surprise that as an industry it has recently been estimated to be worth more than £100 million pounds a year in the UK alone.As the recognised experts in the field, we are able to offer you a personalised approach to setting up or expanding your Pet cremation business. Our range of Pet Cremation machines are supplied and maintained across 5 continents around the world.We have complied a growing range of Frequently Asked Questions below, which will give you a quick insight into the industry, the growth and the massive potential for your new businesses. We regularly welcome visitors from all around the world into our UK factory for free consultation and training. If you have any further questions don’t hesitate simply contact us and speak to the experts today.

  • What are the advantages of setting up a pet crematorium with an Addfield machine?

    • We are proven to be up to 40% more fuel efficient, what does this mean? Subsequently your on going operating costs will be up to 40% less.
    • References for machines still operating some 20 years later.
    • Assignment of a dedicated service engineer to follow you for the life cycle of the machine.
    • Easy to load, fully automatic control systems.
    • Robust, reliable efficient cremation solutions.
  • Overview of a pet and equine cremation company

  • Do you offer finance?

    Yes, but through a finance company – we are happy to support you should you wish to take this route. If you would like more information please contact us on +44(0)1543 571280

  • Can the machine stay outside?

    Yes it can, our machines use the same paint technology as a car manufacturer, we would recommend a basic cover / open sided shelter as minimum to help protect the machine from the elements and from a presentation point of view. Long term a covered machine will last longer.

  • What Type of Building Do I need?

    There multiple options for you to consider for housing your machine:

    • Business unit
    • In a shed/outside building
    • Specially built building to house the machine
    • In a container

    Key element to consider is that the chimney/flue is able to clear the roof, although these can be extended as required. But talk to us about the on site requirements for the machines.

  • How do I set up a Pet cremation service, what is my first step?

    Call us at Addfield! We are the cremation experts and one of only two manufactures approved by the Association of Private Pet Cemeteries and Crematoria (APPCC). We are here to help and assist you from the start of your journey and we will be here to support you with servicing and maintenance once you are up and running.

  • Why buy an Addfield machine ?

    Addfield have been building cremation machines for over 35 years as a market leader we are dedicated to building the best quality machines available from laying the refractory bricks and creating a 180mm internal thick refractory wall that ensure the heat stays where it is needed in the chamber to ensuring that our machines are fit to work in all environments indoors and out.

    All our machines are built with ease of use in mind and on average Addfield machines are 40% more efficient.

  • Can I cremate smaller domestic animals as well as Equine?

    Due to the governing bodies a horse is classed as an agricultural animal and therefore the same machine can not bee used to cremate domestic animals even on a separate cycle. However we do also provide cremators for domestic pets.

  • Who/What are DEFRA?

    DEFRA stands for Department of Environment Food & Rural Affairs

    They are the UK government department responsible for policy and regulations on environmental, food and rural issues. Visit their site: Further information

  • I am thinking of setting up an Equine cremation service, what are my first steps?

    This is a very common question, when starting up a new business of any type you have to take your time and do your homework here are some question to ask yourself:

    • How much competition is there in my area?
    • How much will the initial set up cost?
    • What type of services to I wish to include?
    • What is the average fee for a horse cremation?

    Once you have done a little research you will have an idea of what you are looking for in terms of a machine. Here at Addfield we build strong, reliable and robust machines and would love to invite you to come and see how our machines are built on our site based in Staffordshire, also you can call Addfield to speak to one of our experts to help answer any of your questions.

  • Where have Addfield Pet cremators been sold?

    Addfields machines have been sold globally, 80 countries and counting.
    Please ask for references in your local area.

  • Can I scatter the ash on my land?

    Firstly speak to your local Environmental Agency for more guidance, planning permission may need to be granted. Although it is not forbidden to scattered the ashes of pets on private land, a pet crematorium may be seen as a public place. Speak to the Environmental Agency for more information.

  • I am thinking of setting up a pet crematorium do I need a license?

    In the UK:

    Yes, in the UK for a low capacity machine you will need to fill in a document and submit it to DEFRA The process for application with a cremation machine is simple it’s done by filling out the application form located on the DEFRA website. All crematorium units sold in the UK will need a permit. The AHVLA (Animal health and veterinary laboratories agency) will then come out to your site. All of our cremators are Defra and Dard approved and complies with EU legislation. Addfield equipment are all Type Approved by DEFRA. Obtaining a licence is a relatively straightforward process.


    Speak to your local authority for more information many installation are handled at a local level.
    Some installations need to be registered nationally. Again seek local guidance. Addfield are happy to provide support for this process.

    All of our equipment complies with international legislation, such as the US EPA guidelines and the EU animal-by-product legislation. Addfield can provide further documentation if required such as emission reports.

  • What is the animal cremation process?

    If you are not cremating the pet straight away, make sure you have adequate storage facilities available to eliminate cross contamination, i.e. a large storage fridge. Once you are ready to cremate the pet, load the pet into the cremator, shut the door, and select the duration of the cycle. Many household pets should be cremated within an hour (pets weighing less than 50 kilos) once the unit is up to optimum temperature. Once the cycle is complete the cremator will begin to cool down for safe emptying of ashes. Many companies adopt different approaches, some use stainless steel trays, some empty the ashes directly from the hearth, some companies use special hoovers then empty the ashes directly from the drum, the most important part for the customer for an individual cremation service is to eliminate cross contamination of ashes.

  • What does the machine run on?

    All our machines can run on the following fuel types:

    • Diesel (& Red Diesel)
    • Kerosene
    • LPG
    • N-Gas
    • Bio-Fuel
  • I am thinking of setting up a pet crematorium, is there much competition and what do I need to do?

    This is one of the most common questions we receive, we would strongly suggest to our customers to think about their business model. What service do they want to offer? Household pets cremations, private pet cremations, equine cremations, mass cremations or veterinary cremations. It is paramount you keep focused and realistic to make your business a success.

    Ask your self, who is the competition? How close is the nearest pet crematorium? What services and prices do they offer?

    Where are you going to set up your business? And are you going to have a memorial grounds or send the ashes to landfill? Settings and surroundings are very important along with customer service, is your location fitting to the type of service you want to offer?

  • What equipment do I need to start up my pet cremation business?

    • Land and premises
    • Cremation unit
    • De-ashing equipment
    • Cremulator (remains processor)
  • What do I do with a pets ashes?

    Some customers will want the ashes returning and therefore a suitable ashes caskets will need to be supplied depending on the size of the animals.  Depending on the type of service you wish to offer you may consider personally dropping the ashes back to the customer and a choice in caskets design etc.

    If a customer does not wish to have the ashes back you are able to scatter the ashes on your own your land as domestic pet ashes are not classed as SRM (Specified Risk Materials). We would recommend that you speak to the Environmental Agency for more information with public areas. Alternatively ashes can be sent to landfill for disposal.