UK Manufactured Animal Incineration Machines

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Exceptional Quality.

Our incinerators are crafted on-site in Britain.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

At Addfield we have a range of solutions available to suit all of your incineration and cremation needs.

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Animal Incinerators

Addfield are the leading name in the design, manufacturing and commissioning of animal incinerators, with agricultural machines in 90+ different counties covering 6 continents, we are known worldwide for our quality and environmentally friendly machines.Built with care and compassion in Great Britain, for over 30 years, our wide range of animal incinerators are the perfect solution to your waste problem. Our machines are suitable for the incineration of pigs, sheep, cows, sows, chickens & other animals.

  • Where can I get a permit for low capacity cremators?

    Every crematory sold in the UK needs a permit, the process for application with a cremation machine is fairly simple, it’s done by filling out one application form located on the DEFRA website here . The AHVLA (Animal health and veterinary laboratories agency) will then come out a vet your site to ascertain its viability – the success rate is very high and shouldn’t be considered a daunting process. All of our cremators are Defra and Dard approved and comply with EU legislation, you will be supplied with a Manufacturer’s compliance certificate examples of compliance certificates can be found here.

  • Do you offer finance?

    Yes, but through a finance company – we are happy to support you should you wish to take this route. If you would like more information please contact us on +44(0)1543 571280

  • Can the machine stay outside?

    Yes it can, our machines use the same paint technology as a car manufacturer, we would recommend a basic cover / open sided shelter as minimum to help protect the machine from the elements and from a presentation point of view. Long term a covered machine will last longer.

  • What Type of Building Do I need?

    There multiple options for you to consider for housing your machine:

    • Business unit
    • In a shed/outside building
    • Specially built building to house the machine
    • In a container

    Key element to consider is that the chimney/flue is able to clear the roof, although these can be extended as required. But talk to us about the on site requirements for the machines.

  • Why buy an Addfield machine ?

    Addfield have been building cremation machines for over 35 years as a market leader we are dedicated to building the best quality machines available from laying the refractory bricks and creating a 180mm internal thick refractory wall that ensure the heat stays where it is needed in the chamber to ensuring that our machines are fit to work in all environments indoors and out.

    All our machines are built with ease of use in mind and on average Addfield machines are 40% more efficient.

  • Who/What are DEFRA?

    DEFRA stands for Department of Environment Food & Rural Affairs

    They are the UK government department responsible for policy and regulations on environmental, food and rural issues. Visit their site: Further information

  • What does the machine run on?

    All our machines can run on the following fuel types:

    • Diesel (& Red Diesel)
    • Kerosene
    • LPG
    • N-Gas
    • Bio-Fuel
  • How long will it take to start up?

    Once you have been given the go ahead from DEFRA we recommend notifying your local council just out of courtesy. Our lead times are subject to change due to work load but on average you should receive your machine in about eight to ten weeks.