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At Addfield we have a range of solutions available to suit all of your incineration and cremation needs.

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Animal Incinerators

Addfield are the leading name in the design, manufacturing and commissioning of animal incinerators, with agricultural machines in 90+ different counties covering 6 continents, we are known worldwide for our quality and environmentally friendly machines. Built with care and compassion in Great Britain, for over 30 years, our wide range of animal incinerators are the perfect solution to your waste problem. Our machines are suitable for the incineration of pigs, sheep, cows, sows, chickens & other animals.

  • Why buy an Addfield machine ?

    Addfield are leaders in the Animal Incineration industry due to our commitment to innovation, design and quality.

    All of our machines have been purpose-designed for the particular requirements of operating an agricultural incinerator. Compared to some manufacturers that simply rebrand their other machines.

    Our machines are designed to match and grow your business with options to suit you. Whether you are just starting out or are looking to expand.

    We have more than 35 years of heritage in the industry enabling us to have developed the widest range of machines.

    Our quality and service have helped us to win multiple awards and we are trusted by several of the world’s largest farming organisations to supply their machines.

    We keep our doors open to visitors and make all our machines by hand in the UK enabling you to see exactly what you are buying and at every stage of the process.

    We share your success as we are confident once you use an Addfield machine you will not want to use any other and when your time comes to upgrade we will be there to help your growth.

  • Who/What are DEFRA?

    A Government Department of United  DEFRA stands for Department of Environment Food & Rural Affairs

    Established in 2001 to safeguard Environmental Protection, Food Production and Standards, Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Communities in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

    DEFRA are the governing body responsible for setting very strict standards and guidelines that Agricultural Incineration machines must adhere to, to be allowed to operate.

    These standards are some of the most rigorous and demanding globally and are the basis for the very minimum standards of all of our machines.

    In the rare instance that an installation country has additional regulations we are able to provide solutions and have yet to be in a position that we have not been able to solve.

  • What type of building do I need?

    For housing your agricultural incinerator you have many options for securely operating your machine from.

    We have supplied a range of our machines to businesses worldwide who have successfully operated their machine from the following sites:

    • Converted Barn.
    • Outbuilding / Shed – Purpose built for cremator.
    • Adapted Shipping Container.

    Our machines are designed to be highly flexible in where they can be installed and operated from. The most important elements to consider when planning your site is to ensure that the chimney/flue is able to safely extend beyond the roof.

    Our sales team has supported farmers in many installations and no two sites are the same. To learn more about how we can best suit your facility contact our sales team today.

  • Can the machine stay outside?

    Addfield Agricultural Incinerators are capable of withstanding all elements comfortably.

    However, we would not recommend that you leave our machine outside and fully open to the elements permanently.

    Our machines are manufactured to be robust and long-lasting as such they come finished with a two-pack paint system similar to that which you would find on a car. This makes them extremely hardwearing and able to handle most weather.

    However, to ensure that you are able to achieve maximum benefits from your machine we would always suggest that as a minimum you install your machine under the cover of a shelter at the very least and would recommend that you would install it indoors to enable a comfortable operation for many years to come.

  • Where can I get a permit for low capacity cremators?

    Every crematory sold in the UK needs a permit, the process for application with a cremation machine is fairly simple, it’s done by filling out one application form located on the DEFRA website here . The AHVLA (Animal health and veterinary laboratories agency) will then come out a vet your site to ascertain its viability – the success rate is very high and shouldn’t be considered a daunting process. All of our cremators are Defra and Dard approved and comply with EU legislation, you will be supplied with a Manufacturer’s compliance certificate examples of compliance certificates can be found here.

  • Do you offer finance?

    We offer financing in partnership with a highly professional number of finance providers.

    We do not provide the financing directly. This ensures we are able to work with you to access the most suitable and sustainable investment opportunities available to you.

    For more information contact our sales team on +44 01543 571280.

  • What does the machine run on?

    All our machines can run on the following fuel types:

    • Diesel (& Red Diesel)
    • Kerosene
    • LPG
    • N-Gas
    • Bio-Fuel
  • How long will it take to start up?

    Once you have been given the go ahead from DEFRA we recommend notifying your local council just out of courtesy. Our lead times are subject to change due to work load but on average you should receive your machine in about eight to ten weeks.